Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My thoughts on REALbasic 2009r1

Hello all, I'm William Yu - a long time REAL Software engineer. Having been in this company for so long I've seen its ups and downs and I've touched more parts of this product than I care to mention, but it's also the beauty of working for the same company for so long, everything that you do has profound effects.

2009r1 has been really fun to work on for many different reasons, but the focus on quality for me was top priority (among other things, like having our first baby). It was nice to finally fix the KeyDown event bug with ComboBoxes on Windows, and adding support for saving/loading PNGs with alpha channels turned out to be a popular feature. We also added an Indeterminate state to the CheckBox control as well as for the Listbox checkboxes. We worked with many of our customers to resolve specific issues, including fixing a bug in REALbasic with the new MBS plug-ins, and a special thanks to David Grogono for helping us find some of the picture loading/saving bugs. I even got to fix a few compiler bugs as well in 2009r1. One bug that really irritated plug-in developers was the fact that our incremental compiler didn't properly recompile subclasses of plugin classes when the plugin changed, this is now fixed in 2009r1. I can go on and on, but take a look at the release notes to see the many improvements we've made!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Yu & colleagues for your work on this release. The fixing of the XML crash on PowerPC, and the ability to make items that are inside nested modules external, are especially important for me.

Anonymous said...

I have already noticed some of the improvements.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations for the babies ;-)

A recently new father too.