Friday, March 20, 2009

The MySQL Plugin for REALbasic

Some of you may have seen that Alacatia Labs has announced they are no longer going to support the MySQL Plugin for REALbasic. We have been receiving questions about what that means for the future of the MySQL Plugin. We are working on one and will again officially support the MySQL Plugin in REALbasic. More information about this will be available soon.


Anonymous said...

what about the licensing problems when using mysql libraries in non-opensource apps?

REAL Software said...

We have a solution for the licensing issue with regards to the plugin and will go into the specific details when we announce the plugin is in beta.


Unknown said...

This is great to hear, since this is essential for my own and many others daily business.

At this place my compliments for the big steps in quality management in the last few months. Keep on your good work !

-- Harald

Anonymous said...

Hello REAL Software,

I'm very glad to hear that you will be supporting MySQL again. We really depend on this in our organisation. I'm really considering upgrading again this year, but could you please take a look at the blue background bug with transparant images that made it into realbasic since version 2008r4 or r4 (i don't exactly remember). It is still present in 2009r1.
Thanks again for the MySQL support.


Unknown said...


I'm using the last version of RB Studio and I have to maintain a software that uses a MySQL Database. It was created with an older version of RB.

I really need the MySQL plugin in order to compile a new version of our software. Where can I download this plugin???


REAL Software said...

You can get the database plugins from It is also included in the REALbasic download.

Unknown said...

Thank you for this fast answer!

In fact, I already have the plugin MySQLCommunityPlugin but I have some problems...

I have a property _db as MySQLDatabase and in a method I'm testing:
if(_db = nil)

the result when I compile is:
"Vous avez utilisé un opérateur incompatible avec la donnée spécifiée", or "You have used an operand not compatible with the specified data"...

What is the problem?!?

I also tried if(_db.DatabaseName=nil) but the compilator said "This is not a property"

Steve Garman said...

@sébastien try renaming your identifier so that it does not start with an underscore.

Steve Garman said...

According to the user guide, I should be able to download the MySQLEnterpriseServer plugin.
Is this available yet? I cannot find it.
If it's not available, is it still planned?

Unknown said...


Thanks, I tried to rename the variable but I still have this problem: "You have used an operator not compatible with the specified data":

dtb as new MySQLDatabase
if(dtb = nil) -> error

Geoff Perlman said...

The MySQLEnterprise plug-in is going to require some licensing on the part of the developer. We are working with the MySQL team to figure out how to make that happen. Once we do, the plug-in will be available.

Richard said...

Will the MySQLCommunityServer plugin work with the embedded version of MySQL?


Dick Munroe

Geoff Perlman said...
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Geoff Perlman said...

@ Richard - do you want to embed the MySQL Server into your app?

Richard said...


Arnout said...

Just a question. I have an old RB 2009 project.
Where can I download the MySQL Plugin ?
Can't seem to find it