Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We are listening

As I'm sure you have heard by now, we are reducing the price of REALbasic Professional Edition and introducing a new edition as well, REAL Studio. We have heard from so many of you that you depend on the Remote Debugger. As a result, the Remote Debugger will continue to be available in the Professional Edition. We want you all to feel like the value of REALbasic is great for the edition you own.

Why are we making this change after the fact? I think most of the decisions we have made over the years have been good ones. But we occasionally make mistakes like all people do. And when we do, we try to recognize that and correct it.

We have no plans to make any other price changes. In fact, we have made only a few price changes to REALbasic since it first shipped in July 1998.

Some of you may be wondering if our support for Cocoa will be limited to a particular edition. The answer is no. Cocoa will be available in all editions of REALbasic.

However, there will be some new features coming in the future that will be geared towards full-time developers and will be in the REAL Studio edition only.

I apologize if this announcement caused you grief today. Hopefully, the fact that we are listening and have decided to keep the Remote Debugger in the Professional Edition will show you that we do care about your needs.


Unknown said...

Talk about a roller coaster ride.
Thank you Geoff for listening.

Brad said...

Thanks for listening, Geoff. This is why REAL Software remains one of my favorite companies to deal with. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the new plan, could easily have lived without remote debugging, but now love the plan even more. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I don't use remote debugging but I appreciate that Real Software listens to the needs of its customers. The plans are great. I'm not a full-time developer but I plan to take them up on the amazing offer to upgrade to Real Studio because I'd like to have the database and the option to install on all of the supported platforms and get two more years of support for only $250/year. The value here is amazing which make sense because the product is amazing and getting better each day.

Unknown said...

One capability I would love to see introduced in the Studio version is compiler optimization. One could argue that this should also be available in the Pro version, but I wont press my luck. And I for one would gladly pay for Studio just to get compiler optimization. Please consider both program speed and program size as targets, and allow the user to select which target is the more important.

Joe said...

As an 'occasional' REALBasic user, the new structure makes sense. I have no idea what a 'remote debugger' is so that doesn't matter to me a bit. I would, however, prefer a more robust (less buggy) REALBasic to 'new features'.

Anonymous said...

Ufff... Was already running into panic.
Thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

thanks for listening, i was one of the folks who flamed off on the announcement of pulling the remote-debugger this morning, and i really appreciate that you ate some REAL humble pie, and listened to your users - good on you!

jaydub said...

This is great news. Most of call because it shows that you guys are really listening to us :-)

Adding new kickass features to Studio is THE way to get our interest, and we'll be looking forward to seeing what comes.

Unknown said...

Great job tweaking the package configuration in response to the community. Thanks for listening. The real studio package is a great deal for pro users.

Jim said...

What is the pricing of Basic, Professional, and now "Studio"?

I just went to the realbasic website and only basic and professional are listed, and professional is still $500 which is what I paid six months ago...

Anonymous said...

It's a pleasure to deal with a company that listens. I would not hesitate to recommend RealSoftware now and in the future. Thanks Geoff and Dana.

Lars Jensen said...

Well I'll be darned. It's not easy to revert a public announcement like that, especially if you think it might cost you money. Much respect to RS from me.

REAL Software said...

@ Jim: The website and store do not yet reflect the new versions. They will be available when release 2 ships on April 14th.


Tonio said...

Well, it's nice, but not good enough. I like the profiler too, and -- frankly -- I don't want to have to upgrade to "Studio" to retain access to features I already paid for.

Obviously, Real software doesn't think Studio was compelling enough simply based on new features so they've carved out key features of Pro to "encourage" us to switch and (a) get upgrade revenue early and (b) force us to commit to spending a bunch of money in the future.

Note that Real software won't let us "downgrade" our subscription to Pro when we realize it's going to cost us $750 to have the dubious benefit of Real SQL server and the ability to install under Linux.

Unknown said...

I have to applaud you for listening to your customers.

The IDE Scripting is still a deal breaker for me, I use it to insert keys into the plist. Maybe there's another way?

I still think that raping the Pro version to make the Studio version is NOT the way to go.

However I'm pleased to hear that you are listening.

Anonymous said...

This celebration is grossly shorted-sighted.

We all know that REAL is struggling to make money... the layoffs last year made that completely obvious.

Everyone celebrating the "return" of Remote Debugging seems to overlook the fact that if REAL Software does not stay in business then anyone who depends on REALbasic is completely screwed.

Which is better... pay more for REALbasic and help REAL keep the lights on or pay less and hope that the company doesn't fold?

Remote Debugging is a luxury, one that people clearly value. How does charging less for it help REAL survive?

Anonymous said...

I really wish REAL Software would just scrap the "Studio" version altogether. I don't think including REALServer is that beneficial, I feel for most full-time developers it is a complete waste of money. Most large scale applications that are used in business are based on Oracle or Microsoft SQL server. I can't see why a developer would choose REALServer over these enterprise standards, especially if they intend to sell their application to medium or large businesses. These businesses are not going to re-train their IT staff to administer a database that is not an enterprise standard. Individuals in IT are not going to want to administer these databases and lose their experience in industry standard databases.

Bring back the old pricing. I'm more than happy to pay my $250 per year for the upgrades. Let those who really want REALServer to purchase it separately and don't "steal" features from the pro version just to make "studio" look good.

Tonio said...

"Which is better... pay more for REALbasic and help REAL keep the lights on or pay less and hope that the company doesn't fold?"

I think that complicating your product line and, basically, proposing to screw your most loyal customers is a very bad way to deal with revenue issues.

The "clever" aspect of the Studio deal is it encourages folks to pay for future subscription renewals now and locks the same folks into paying ridiculous renewal costs in future. I say "clever" because what it will actually do is create a huge revenue slump down the road -- in 2011 (if Real is still alive) there will be a whole bunch of folks whose subscriptions are now paid up through 2013. When 2013 comes around they will baulk at the $750 upgrade fee and many will drop RB.

Unknown said...

It's to have the remote debugger back, but I'm not happy about losing the profiler!

I have professional now, so my options seem to be:
1) pay a little less and get an inferior product

2) pay A LOT MORE and get a product with stuff I might not be using

Doesn't sound like a good deal to me.

Anonymous said...

Remote debugging has been indispensable at my company, and the boss would never have authorized an upgrade at the eventual Studio price. I'm sure my situation is not unique. I think you made a very wise decision both for me, and yourselves. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see that REAL cares about their customers' reactions to this topic, and it's even better to see that you guys react within one day. Thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

Theree's always the MS pricing scheme... pay thousands for a licence and need two features? I think what RS has done is beneficial to their survival. I thought at first it was a lot and I'd need studio now. Even with this change I'll grab Studio as there are the features in it that make it worth my time to have - even as a hobbyist/part time developer.

Unknown said...

I'm glad to see the Remote Debugger remain in Pro, even though I've already signed up for Studio - which I also think is a great deal. I would have switched just for the three platform license even if removing Remote Debugging from Pro had never been suggested.

Anonymous said...


next time you'll be in Italy I'll offer another Pizza with pineapple, like last december :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for removing features that i just paid for for the entire comming year. The price reduction is a good thing. Probably more in line with where it should be. I think I will probably just go back to Visual Basic. At least there I know what to expect and a new upgraded version does not mean removing features. Thanks again

Anonymous said...

The RB Pro renewal price and original purchase price reduction is great. They are finally where they should be.

REALSQL Server's price needs to be reduced to something reasonable like $100.00 or less. It is just a database and there are free/low cost alternatives. The current price of $500.00 doesn't leave room for the developer to make a profit, and forces the developer to greatly increase his cost with each project. The multipack license deals aren't realistic for 99% of developers. I think all RB developers see the great potential and benefit of using REALSQL Server in many instances, but the $500 price tag is koo koo. I'd rather use PostgreSQL for free thanks.

Back to RB Pro: Removing ANY features from RB Pro is a bad move and we customers feel betrayed.

We know RS is hurting for money but to remove features from RB Pro and force customers to pay for a more expensive license to be able to use those RB Pro features we've grown to depend on and expect is dead wrong.

Geoff, you probably pay a mortgage on your house?

How would like it if one day the bank came over and said, "By the way Geoff, you and your family no longer can use the living room. We know you and your family have gotten used to and depend on using your living room, but you're going to have to pay us more money in addition to your regular mortgage rate in order to use the living room now."

Not too cool, is it Geoff?

Uh huh. Didn't think so.

Can we say, "Profiler", "IDE scripting", "EasyTCPsockets","Bindings", etc.

If "Remote Debugger" walked the plank, it would of been mutiny. Good thing YOU LISTENED to us Geoff and kept it on board.

Everytime Geoff removes something from our RB Pro house, we get screwed!

It destroys our trust in RS (no wonder many don't upgrade, it's scary not knowing what's going to disappear/not work or not be supported next! How can we put our faith in RS/RB and bank on our future like this?) and causes us RB coders great pain and extra work having to recode when we upgrade. Or in many cases we simply don't pay for an upgrade.

Geoff, if all banks took away house features when they felt like it, can you imagine the sheer terror and distrust that people would have when getting a mortgage?

Geoff can you imagine how it would feel if you spent your time and money building an addition onto your home only to have the bank come over and knock it all down, forcing you to rebuild it again?

It's how we feel.

Shame on you Geoff.

Real Studio?


Seems like a way to charge us more money to get what we already should have.

RB Pro.
Support to fix bugs. -should be included with any product.

REALSQL server - almost none of the RB Pro developers will need a REALSQL Server license, especially on a regular basis so to force people to pay for it every year is ridiculous.

If RealSoftware is this desperate to make money then it should lower the cost on ALL of it's products and focus on improving quality, then adding new features.

If REALSoftware raises the price of Realbasic Pro in the next 2 years beyond $300.00 for a new license or $150.00 for renewal then we know this Real Studio was just a scam. Because after the initial Real Studio free upgrade or RS gets people to pay $250.00 to renew their RB Pro license then get the free Real Studio upgrade wears off, there isn't any justifiable reason for most RB Pro customers to pay $750.00 in upgrades for Real Studio so they will have to buy a new RB Pro license, then continue to upgrade it and lose out on the 'Studio' features. Since RS isn't selling many copies of REALSQL Server, it isn't losing anything and by expanding it's customer base and improving it's reputation it will likely expand Realbasic sales in the process.

Try dropping the price of REALSQL server to $100.00 for 1 year and include 1 year of updates. Don't think about what you've paid for it. Think about the fact that you aren't generating much money with it with the current inflated price of $500.00. Remember you are trying to establish a respectable reputation for REALSQL Server by getting it on as many servers as possible in the real world across the net. That isn't going to happen at $500.00 a pop. Especially with RealSoftware/Realbasic's low quality (buggy) reputation.

Not sure you RS guys understand business very well...

Thanks for lowering the price of RB pro renewal and new licenses.

Boo! on the rest.

Hansj├╝rg said...
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REAL Software said...
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