Monday, May 18, 2009

REALbasic Named Best Programming Language

The Code Project, one of the world’s largest online developer communities, has announced the winners of their First Annual Members Choice awards for best development products and tools.

Members were asked to rate their favorites on The Code Project staff then compiled the highest rated listings, awarding the highest ranked in each product category. The results reflect actual perceptions of what developers value. Each member decides which companies or products deserve recognition, based on in-the-field experience.

According to Jeff Hadfield, president of The Code Project (USA), “The Members Choice Awards reflect the diversity and depth of the tools available to today’s professional developer. While there is still a robust collection of UI controls as there has been since the advent of visual programming, today’s array of tools encompass multiple platforms, tiers and stages of the development process. Kudos to the winners, and congratulations to the development community: the ultimate beneficiaries of these excellent products.”

Best Programming Language: REALbasic

About the Code Project
The Code Project is one of the largest development communities in the world, comprised of involved professional developers, development managers, and architects. An industry-leading community since 1999, The Code Project has reached over six million registered members since its inception. Developers worldwide contribute quality, how-to articles about all aspects of development, including Windows, web and server projects. Over 3.4 million developers visit the site each month to access its lively discussion boards and more than 23,000 articles, complete with source code and examples.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Allbasic Code Challenge

Allbasic, a website that was created for Basic-language programmers, is hosting another code challenge. Anyone who is interested in participating can enter their code to represent REALbasic. Additional details can be found here.

Information about the code challenge:

This next code challenge should expose the string handling aspects of a Basic language and provide something useful as a result. - Using the Processing language - Using Python - C# and VB.NET

The goal of this next code challenge is to build a fast and feature-rich word count/occurrence program. A second option is to create a program with the least amount of code that still generates a list of words and how many times it's used in the string / text file.

Here are some examples of other submissions to the code challenge.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


REALbasic 2009 Release 2 introduces several new Listbox features, one of them is the ability to display HelpTags for a Cell. It is common to display a HelpTag when you have text that may not all fit within the cell. To show a HelpTag for a Cell, whose text cannot fit entirely, you can add this simple bit of code in your Listbox.CellTextPaint event:

Dim text As String = Me.Cell( row, column)
If g.StringWidth( text ) > g.Width Then
If Me.CellHelpTag( row, column ) = "" Then _
Me.CellHelpTag( row, column ) = text
Me.CellHelpTag( row, column ) = ""
End If

Now when you mouse over that Cell (assuming the text is long enough that it doesn't fit entirely) you will see a HelpTag appear.


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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

REALbasic 2009 Release 2.1 Now Shipping

REALbasic 2009 Release 2.1 is now available.

This update to REALbasic includes:

* 11 improvements.
* Updated Oracle and ODBC plug-in.

The complete list of improvements and new features in REALbasic 2009 Release 2.1 can be found in the release notes in the product download.

REAL Server 2009 Release 1 is Now Shipping

Improves Scalability and Performance; Includes New Architecture, Full-Text Searching and Restore Points

AUSTIN, Texas, USA (May 5, 2009) — REAL Software, creator of REALbasic, a cross-platform development tool for creating software for Mac, Windows, and Linux, today announced that REAL Server 2009 Release 1 is now shipping. REAL Server, REAL Software's cross-platform, multi-user database server, boasts greater scalability, increased performance and 8 new features, including a new architecture, restore points and full-text searching.

REAL Server is ideal for developers who need a database server to bring a single-user application to a multi-user one. REAL Server 2009 includes:

  • New Architecture: REAL Server 2009 has a new, scalable architecture that supports over 10,000 concurrent connections from a single server installation. REAL Server is simple to install and easy to manage while providing extraordinary scalability.
  • Improved Adaptability: REAL Server 2009 can easily adapt to use all available cores or share them with other applications and it can utilize server hardware RAM to dramatically increase the speed of queries.
  • Optimized Responsiveness: REAL Server 2009 uses state-of-the-art technology provided by each supported platform to maximize performance. This allows REAL Server to work on all operations concurrently which prevents large and time-consuming operations from slowing down other users.
  • Restore Points: REAL Server 2009 adds restore points that log every operation, allowing users to restore their database right up to a specific operation.
  • Extendable via Plug-Ins: REAL Server 2009 includes a plug-in architecture that can extend the SQL language, which offers the ability to change how results are sorted and to create custom server commands.
  • SQLite Extensions: SQLite extensions are supported in this release of REAL Server which offer users all of the new functionality others have added to SQLite, the database engine of REAL Server.
  • Full-Text Searching: Full-text searching is now supported in REAL Server, making it possible to build a new class of database applications that was not possible with previous versions. Also, developers can now store huge amounts of text-based data and search through it in seconds.
  • Over 60 New Commands: REAL Server 2009 adds more than 60 new commands to the 70+ commands already supported by REAL Server.

The REAL Server Developer Edition is completely free of charge and enables developers to create an application based on REAL Server without paying any fees until they are ready to deploy their application. REAL Server is available in two editions: a 5 user/connections license for $299 and an unlimited connection license for $599.

The complete list of improvements and new features in REAL Server 2009 can be found in the release notes in the product download section,