Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Free eBook: How to Avoid Economic Ruin

If any of you have an application and are looking for marketing ideas or helpful hints on writing a press release, then this free eBook might come in handy for you. Also, if you know someone who might be interested in or benefit from learning to create their own software, please feel free to pass this eBook on to them.

Description: The economy is still in bad shape and there is no promise of things looking up anytime in the near future. So, why not take your finances into your own hand? This eBook will show you how you can supplement your income, or even launch a new career, by starting your very own software company, even if you don't have any programming experience. All you need is an idea and a good development tool to get you started. This free eBook includes the tools you will need to get your new company up and running.

Table of Contents
    Chapter 1: The Idea
      Determining If There is a Market for your Idea
    Chapter 2: Software Made Simple
      Choosing a Development Tool
      Choosing a Platform
      Choosing a Language
      Testing Your Application
      Naming Your Creation
      Spreading the Word
    Chapter 3: Creating a Website
      Text and Organization
      Get Found: Search Engine Optimization
      What Not to Do
      Creating a Demo Video
    Chapter 4: Selling on Your Website
      Available E-commerce Tools
    Chapter 5: Marketing your Product
      Viral Marketing
      Free Listings
      Public Relations
      Press Release Template
      Sample Press Release
      Paid Search Engine Advertising
    Chapter 6: Conclusion
    Appendix A: Resources
    About the Author


Anonymous said...

This was really helpful. Thanks, Dana!

Anonymous said...

Excellent book! Very complete and thorough, thanks for posting it :)

If you ever became out of a job at REAL, you would have no problems repurposing yourself as a software marketing consultant.


Anonymous said...

Your effort on this is greatly appreciated by many. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!