Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Linux Personal Free for Open Source Projects

We recently changed the price of REALbasic Personal Edition for Linux to $99, which is the same as the Personal Edition for Mac and Windows. However, if you are developing an open source project, Personal Edition for Linux is still free for you.

To obtain your free Linux key contact Customer Service and provide them with documentation about your project, such as your name on an open source website.

We are making this change because most commercial software that has a free version for Linux is typically free only for open source projects.


Roger said...

I don't suppose this applies to freeware as well, does it? I only write freeware, and I have been asked by a user if I had a Linux version of one of my apps they liked.

Steve Garman said...

There's something to be said for REAL encouraging open-source.
If a body of opensource RB code builds up out there, it may encourage people to download and try the IDE, so they can modify the code.
Once they have tried it, I guess a lot of people will like REALbasic.

Kannan said...

Hi Friend,

It would be great if you give the solution for the code equivalent code in RealBasic. I am new in RB program.

Char.ConvertToUtf32(name, count)

Waiting for your early reply. Its very very urgent.

Thanks in advance.