Friday, August 28, 2009

Announcing 2 Regional REAL World Events!

We are very excited to announce today that we are taking REAL World on the road this Fall! We'll be heading to Atlanta on November 3 and Chicago on November 5th for full day conferences in each city. The Atlanta event will take place at the Marriott Marquis Hotel and the Chicago event will be at the Hilton downtown.

The REAL World Regional Events are the definitive events for anyone who wants to get the most out of REALbasic, REAL Studio and REAL Server. This conference will give users the opportunity to hear from other REALbasic, REAL Studio and REAL Server users and experts on how to improve their knowledge and skills as a developer. These events will feature a keynote presentation from Geoff Perlman, REAL Software's Founder and CEO that will cover upcoming features, like Reporting and Cocoa, along with REAL Software's strategic direction.

We are currently looking for speakers to present at each event. We do offer speakers a free pass to the event. Those interested in presenting REALbasic, REAL Server and software development-related sessions are welcome to submit their proposal with their preferred session topic(s) and a brief description, along with their name and contact information to me at The deadline for applying to speak is September 15, 2009. There are a limited number of speaking opportunities available.

Registration for these regional events will open soon. Conference pricing has been set at $250, with an early registration price of $200 through October 20th. Attendance is limited to 50 attendees, so please register early to guarantee your spot.

More details about the sessions, along with a more complete agenda, will be available in the coming weeks.


Anonymous said...

We would love to have an event in the San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley.

Geoff said...

We did a survey, and believe it or not, the Bay area (and the Los Angeles area) were surprisingly low on the list. However, we may at some point have events in other cities. We will just have to see how it goes.

Anonymous said...

The links for Atlanta and Chicago no longer work and it seems that all other information regarding the two regional conferences is gone. This blog post is all that remains. Hopefully this is a short term glitch as information is added for additional U.S. cities.

REAL Software said...

We are sorry to report that the REAL World Regional Events have been cancelled. Though we had a lot of initial interest, we found that a number of people who intended to come are not able to due to schedule conflicts and other reasons. While we are selling more licenses this year than last and the REALbasic community is growing, we have concluded that the reality is people are still watching their expenses more closely due to the economy.

We plan to do some additional surveying and will consider these events again in the Spring.