Thursday, October 22, 2009

Windows 7 has arrived

I've been running the pre-release of Windows 7 since they made it available earlier this year. It's a terrific upgrade and a great improvement over Windows Vista. Vista had a lot going for it. In some ways it was much better than Windows XP. It certainly managed memory better. For example, for some time now we have been trying to fix a memory leak with the Windows IDE that occurs only on XP. On Vista it's a non-issue. But while Vista was better than XP under the hood, it's the features the user can see like the GUI and the features they use daily that get people to upgrade.

Microsoft was smart to admit that Vista could have been better and they have made up it for it and them some with Windows 7. Windows 7 feels like a big upgrade for Vista users but it's going to be an even bigger upgrade for Windows XP users. The majority of Windows users are still running XP but I believe that tide will finally start to shift with Windows 7. It's a good sign that it just shipped today and yet the market share web sites are reporting that it's already got 1.5 to 2% of the market. Obviously those are all users running the pre-release but that's an even BETTER sign. Microsoft has really focused on the right things with Windows 7.

There's some cool stuff in Windows 7 but we need to know what is most important to you. If there are Windows 7-specific features you'll like to see natively supported in REALbasic/REAL Studio, make sure you request them using Feedback, our new system for reporting bugs and requesting features. And if they are a high priority for you, make sure to use Feedback's ability to rank your cases. That will help push up the priority.

If you're a REALbasic/REAL Studio developer running the IDE on Windows XP, upgrade to Windows 7. The memory leak that causes the IDE to take longer and longer each time you run your project does not occur on Vista or Windows 7. Not to mention, the user experience on Windows 7 is far superior to XP. So upgrade to Windows 7. You will be happy you did.


Anonymous said...

So there are no plans to fix the Windows XP issue? The issue is not with the OS because RB didn't USED to have this problem. Shame.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: I find it interesting that you can tell the different between what's an OS issue and what's not without having ever seen the source code. That's an interesting skill.

Geoff Perlman said...

Honestly, we have spent a huge amount of time on this issue. Several times we thought we had it solved only to find out we didn't. And since it's not an issue for Vista and Windows 7, we are less inclined to keep trying.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: Simple deductive reasoning. It did not have this issue as far back as I can remember. Only recently (this year) did the issue crop up. XP did not change during this time - RB did. If the source were available there would likely be a fix for it.

Anonymous said...

I use Boot Camp on a Mac Pro to run Windows. From what I understand, Apple will not have a Win7 compatible version of Boot Camp until later in the year.

Anonymous said...

Windows 7 does run on Mac Hardware -- it's just not "officially" supported yet. I'm running it in Bootcamp and VMWare on a Mac Pro, and just Bootcamp on a Mac mini. No problems what-so-ever. Note that I am running Snow Leopard on both computers, your mileage may vary with older OSes.

Overall, I like Windows 7. It's makes the desktop feel turbo charged when compared to XP or Vista. It's a great upgrade for users in the Windows world.

Comment about Windows 7 pricing: It's absurd. Windows 7 should be priced just like Snow Leopard was. Please point me towards the first class action suit against Microsoft for Windows 7 pricing. They are truly using their monopolistic power to full affect to make people pay for a fix to Vista. In fact, type "winver" at the Run... prompt and you'll discover that Windows 7 isn't really Windows 7 at all, it is Windows 6.1 (Vista release 1).

Oliver Osswald said...

I have Vista 64 Ultimate base system and on top of it I run various VMWare guest systems, for testing purposes, but also in order to separate certain tasks.

On the base system I'm just doing Video Editing. Within one virtual machine I do all my office and banking stuff. And finaly I'm doing software development in a VMWare Workstation running Windows XP.

Since one year I use it to program with REALBasic. Today I installed Windows 7 Ultimate as a guest system and moved all my development tools and sources over to the new virtual system. And everything worked straight forward. I do not notice any slow-down effect any more.

So far I like Windows 7, and it works well as a VM on my AMD Athlon64 X2 Dual Core 6000+ @ 3GHz and with 8 GB Ram. This Host system is already more than 2 years old, but runs all this still very well.

I have no need to go back to XP... and for the pricing: I paid about $200 for an OEM Ultimate version, overhere in Switzerland. I think that's ok.

RB seems to run very well, even though the system is virtualized.
(Nevertheless I'm looking forward to Ubuntu 9.10 - coming in 3 days).

Anonymous said...

I agree - XP is over 10 years old since it started getting written. Users clining to such an old OS keeps everyone else back (same happens with Internet Explorer 6 and 7 keeping web applications in the past). Good for you RB for encouraging the upgrade. Vista, contrary to the bad press, was a leap forward compared with XP (which was not bad for its time, by any mean), and Win7 brings that level even higher. Coming from Vista, I didn't expect too much from Win7, but so many details have been tweaked. I *LOVE* this OS.

Anonymous said...

REAL Software follows Apple's example when it comes to operating system support. Broken compatibility with Windows XP makes REALbasic a non-starter if you expect to sell your product to corporations.

Geoff Perlman said...

We have made a tremendous effort to solve the issue with running a project in the debugger on Windows XP but we have been unable to do so. Fortunately, there's a simple (but annoying) workaround.

Anonymous said...

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