Tuesday, February 9, 2010

REAL Software Ships REAL Studio 2010 Release 1

REAL Studio 2010 Release 1 is now shipping. With this release we have changed the name of the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to REAL Studio. The programming language will continue to be called REALbasic. REAL Studio is available in three editions: Personal Edition, Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition (formerly REAL Studio). The main reason for this product name change is to make it easier to differentiate between the development environment and the programming language. Additionally, this change better demonstrates what a powerful and professional development tool REAL Studio is.

REAL Studio 2010 Release 1 adds 46 improvements and 17 new features, including improved Active X support. Now most Active X controls work and are much easier to work with. All events are supported and auto-complete has also been improved. With this release REAL Studio is now available in a 9th language, Korean.

One final change we have made with this release is that we have changed our product documentation to a wiki format. This change will enable us to offer improved and more up-to-date documentation, localize more quickly and allow for members of the community to contribute. The wiki documentation is still in beta and for this release only we will continue to offer the standard PDF documentation. Also, starting with this release printed documentation will no longer be sold from our website. There are, however, a number of company’s that will print and bind a PDF for you, like FedEx Kinko’s, if you require printed documentation. The wiki documentation is available at http://docs.realsoftware.com. If you are interested in helping to improve the wiki documentation you should contact Customer Service at custserv@realsoftware.com.

To view the complete list of improvements and new features in REAL Studio 2010 Release 1, please visit the product release notes in the download section of our website, http://www.realsoftware.com/download.