Thursday, April 15, 2010

REAL Studio Discounts for 1-Day Sale Tomorrow!

Need some relief after Tax Day? We've got you covered with a special 1-day sale, tomorrow only (12AM - 11:59 PM CDT)! All new REAL Studio and REAL Server licenses will be 30% off! Are you, or possibly a friend or colleague, interested in checking out REAL Studio? Buy tomorrow at the discounted price and you have 90-days to return it if you are not fully satisfied. A new REAL Studio license is a great way to enjoy your tax refund!

New licenses. 30% off. Tomorrow. Be there!


Martin Kvapil said...

I think its unfair that it does not cover updates, we need tax relief too.

Dana Brown said...

We do various sales throughout the year. Keep up with the blog to find out what's going on at REAL Software!