Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Important Information Regarding Cocoa Build Option

A Beta version of our Cocoa-based framework is included in REAL Studio 2010 Release 3, which is now available. While it is feature complete, it is not bug free or even close to that. Beta is defined as being feature complete but still needing usability testing. For more information about what beta means view the Wikipedia article, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beta_version#Beta

We decided to release a beta version so that we can maximize feedback about what doesn't work. While we have plenty of bugs left to fix, we want your feedback on as many issues as possible to make sure that Cocoa is of sufficient quality before we release it. Some of your projects will work and some will not. The more complex your projects are, the more likely they will not work. For example, a project that would otherwise work perfectly can be stopped by a single bug in a single control. If your project depends on a plug-in that provides any user interface, it will probably not work. Check with the author of the plug-in to see what their plans are for Cocoa support. When you find an issue, search using the Feedback application to see if this issue has been reported. If you have some additional information to add, please do so. If you have a simple project that reproduces the bug, please add it. And of course if the case has not been reported, please report it. Steps to reproduce a bug or a simple project really help gets bugs fixed faster. You can include screenshots as well, which can help when describing cosmetic bugs.

It is also important to us that you see we are making progress. Many of you are waiting as anxiously as we are for this transition to happen. Try each of the controls. Experiment. You will see that many things do work. The most important elements to try out are user interface controls. If your application builds but crashes on launch or at some particular point, create a report and include a crash log. Those details will help us track down crashing bugs. There are new pushbutton types, drag and drop provides ghosting now, your TextField controls support the Mac OS X spell checker and if you are into making OS API calls, check out the CocoaObject examples in the Examples folder.

Based on the speed at which we are fixing Cocoa bugs, we believe we can be ready to ship by the end of this year. Your help with trying out your projects and reporting bugs will help us to reach that goal.

There is a Cocoa Beta Information document included in the product download where you can find more information about the availability of the Cocoa beta.

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