Thursday, July 15, 2010

REAL Studio to Include Cocoa Framework Beta in Upcoming Release

AUSTIN, Texas, USA (July 15, 2010) — Software development tools company REAL Software announced today that their rapid application development tool, REAL Studio, will include the option to compile a Cocoa application in the upcoming 2010 Release 3. REAL Software has been working on the development of the Cocoa framework for a long time and though it is not yet complete, it is far enough along that it will be made available as a beta to all REAL Studio users.

On Mac OS X there are two ways for applications to communicate with the operating system: Carbon and Cocoa. Carbon was designed to allow applications from Classic Mac OS, like REAL Studio, to run natively on Mac OS X. Cocoa is the method that has been part of Mac OS X since its introduction and all applications must move to Cocoa to continue to be modern.

Unlike when other companies have gone through the conversion, REAL Software is trying to minimize the impact on their users. One of the many benefits of using REAL Studio is that developers are mostly abstracted from having to deal specifically with platform details. REAL Software has developed this new Cocoa framework in such a way that REAL Studio users will only have to recompile their applications to get a Cocoa version. When recompiled most applications should simply work. In some cases minor changes might need to be made such as if users want to take advantage of new features, like additional button types.

“Our primary goal with the transition to Cocoa is compatibility for people’s projects; we want them to just work,” commented Geoff Perlman, REAL Software Founder and CEO. “Had our users been developing their apps in C or C++, they would have had to go through the enormous task of transitioning from Carbon to Cocoa themselves, but we’ve saved them the trouble since they are using REAL Studio.”

“Even some of the biggest software companies on the Mac have struggled to make the conversion and many have had false starts," added Perlman. "We are excited to be nearly complete with the transition.”

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This is a big milestone.
Well done and good luck!

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I just hope they will manage