Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's up with this 8 digit code?

I've talked with a lot of users lately about our validation process and subsequent prompts for 8 digit codes. Validation of your REAL Studio license will happen whenever you enter a key into the registration dialog, revalidation happens every 90 days. If you are online and using REAL Studio 2010r2 or later validation and revalidation will happen quickly and automatically.

If you are not there are a few different reasons you may be prompted for an 8 digit code when validating your REAL Studio license key.

1. You are working offline.

2. You are working behind a proxy server or firewall. In most cases this happens to users trying to validate from schools, universities and secure work environments and your REAL Studio is unable to communicate fast enough with our system.

3. You are using a version released prior to REAL Studio 2010r2. For more details on this visit Geoff's earlier post.

So how to do you get an 8 digit code?

Email Customer Service. Make sure to include the license key you are validating.

You have an 8 digit code but get an error when you try and use it.

As a security measure we have implemented a 2 minute wait time between when REAL Studio prompts you for the 8 digit code and when you click Continue. You must wait at least 2 minutes at the screen requesting the 8 digit code or you will receive an error message when you click Continue. If you do receive this error message simply click Back, wait the 2 minutes and click Continue again.

Once you have validated with the 8 digit code your usage should not be interrupted again on that machine. Revalidation will not prevent usage if you do not have an internet connection or are using an older release, it will simply be delayed until later.

We appreciate your patience with this process. We have plans to make this easier to our users in the future and look forward to implementing those changes. In the meantime, if you have questions or comments please contact Customer Service.


MGV said...

And this is why I continue to use 2008 R4. (Although I'm entitled to some later versions than this).

I still fear that should Real be unable to serve out licences, their installs will become meaningless.

So your entire software library that you have produced using real basic can suddenly stop working if Real goes out of business.


Thom McGrath said...

Don't worry MGV, we have a long-term solution for all these issues. Of course, we can't change previous releases, but we can and will do something better than our current license system in the future.

MGV said...


I'd just like some sort of guarantee that newer versions will work even if your company fails.

Your software is basically pretty good - it will outlast your activations servers by a number of years if you were to go out of business.

I don't know how much more money you are making now that you have started activation - I hope it was worthwhile for you.

If you had support for iPhones (seems unlikely right now) then I'd get a copy just for iPhone development, even with activation. I'd keep on developing software for the PC on the 2008 version however.

Its not that I don't want to support you - but not at the risk of compromising my software development.

Even just a system of release of activation keys just prior to closing down your business (for any reason) would make me happy to consider upgrading.

But certainly, any form of activation leads to pain for legitimate users.


Anonymous said...

I understand that you want to protect your work, but what about your customers ?

I upgraded last year to be able to compile for coca (and my subscription ended in last february).

Now, I am no more able to install REAL Studio (Studio Edition) anywhere unless I follow you anti-pirates protection shema (which I am not).

It may be time for me to really check advantages and disadvantages.

Thom McGrath said...

Anti-piracy is a tricky area, but this is not the right place for such a debate.

MGV, our scheme has significantly reduced the piracy rate and even converted some. However, any interference with legit customers is a black mark on the system, and in hindsight I'd consider this system a failure.

We understand your concerns, and we're working on it.

Anonymous said...

Too small things. Please, write your business hours in 24 hour format using UTC times so that others than your USA customers will understand. Second, in order to avoid expensive international call charges, providing support by Skype might be a good idea.

Anonymous said...

So Let me get this straight. If I have a paid version of RB Pro up to 2010R1 and I decide not to upgrade for a while and then something happens to RS I can no longer use my paid for software because of these activation schemes? You need to do more then fix it for NEW versions, you need to fix so that customers that purchased older versions are not affected either. Otherwise we are screwed, that is if I understand this correctly.

Eric said...

Murphy's Law says that this will happen to me at the worst possible time, when I have to fix a critical issue and it's outside Real's business hours.

How can we be proactive and get a code to ensure this doesn't happen? Can we force validation early (and add a tickle item for 85 days hence)? Can we request a code now and save it to use when validation is triggered?

Thom McGrath said...

The only thing you can do proactively is plan your reinstall. If you plan to reinstall your operating system, or do clean install of REAL Studio, do it while you have the ability to validate.

Once your copy has been validated, you don't need to worry about it again.

Eric said...

@Thom McGrath:

Maybe I'm misunderstanding the OP.

I thought there was a 90-day validation cycle. Never mind about reinstalling or system upgrades. Don't I have to be worried that on my existing laptop, the one day I'm working away from the net is the day RS decides to require revalidation? That's the situation I'm concerned about, and that I'd like to be able to better plan for.

Thom McGrath said...

There is a silenty 90-day cycle, but if you don't have a connection, no problem. That revalidation will only stop if a connection to the server is established and server declares the key to be no good.

So no need to worry.

Anonymous said...


Does that apply to 2010R1 and older too?

Anonymous said...


And if we have to reinstall 2010R1 or earlier and RS is no longer in business are we screwed? I realize you are working on a fix for the newer versions, but if I have not upgraded then where does that leave me if I have to do a reinstall sometime in the future and RS is out of business?

Eric said...

No, apparently Thom's advice does NOT apply to older releases.

For example, I'm using RB2009r2.1. Working on the weekend to meet deadline, and revalidation kicks in -- now I'm stuck waiting for Real to respond on a weekend. Let's just say I'm not very happy right now.

I thought this was going to be a net access (validation only stalls you if you're offline), but it's worse than that. For older releases, it's a showstopper no matter what.

Not cool, guys.

Dana B. said...

@ebaum: I just sent you an 8 digit code.

Unknown said...

Online validation is only useful to those who are connected to the net. For security I will never connect my development machine to the internet as the work on that machine is far too valuable to compromise.

I do have an internet right next to my development machine which I use to read help files etc but I cannot do the validation through that machine.

When I reported the issue to my boss he just said "so use something else"

Dana Brown said...

@adystate It is not a problem if you are using an offline machine. We have many users who do not connect to the internet for one reason or another. In this case all you will need to do is request an 8 digit code once from customer service and you will be all set.

Anonymous said...

I have an issue with a piece of software I purchased about four years ago. They have disappeared and the software can no longer be verified. All I can do is extract the data I had inside it and recreate it manually somewhere else.

An online verification system should never be relied upon for this reason.

Unknown said...


I was caught off guard with this and try to install my enterprise edition. for my new developer

Well customer service has resolved my problem

It would have been more proactive had they pasted this message on the download section of the old versions to alert legitimate users. so we were more prepared.

Unknown said...

Since RB5 I have noticed several ways in which RB is losing its way. Here is another.
I do not work online and do not intend to. I have paid for RB and that should be that. I block all software that tries to make clandestine net contact. I was considering updating RB again but it looks as if the writing is on the wall for all my private RB software. I do not intend to continually ask for 8-digit codes.