Monday, August 30, 2010

Adding private information to Feedback cases

Did you know that you can add private information (including attachments) to public cases in Feedback? There are times when you want to provide us with information and perhaps even projects that show off a particular bug but don't want that information shared publicly. If you create a new case and mark it as private by clicking the "Keep This Information Private" checkbox, only REAL Software can see it. However, there are times when you want to share the bug itself with the rest of the community but you might also need to keep some of the information private. You can do this by creating a public case, saving it, then going back and adding additional information afterwards and clicking the "Keep This Information Private" checkbox when making those additional entries. And of course, this same technique works with public cases created by others as well.

Reporting cases via Feedback is the best way to get information about bugs and feature requests to us. For bug reports, including a simple project that does nothing more than demonstrate the bug will help get your bug fixed faster.

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