Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Update on Cocoa

There has been a lot of excitement around our announcement regarding the new Web Edition and it's made some people wonder what is going on with Cocoa. So let me give you an update on that.

First of all, Cocoa progress is not in any way affected by our Web Edition. Different engineers have different sets of skills so we can't productively put engineers working on the Web Edition to work on the Cocoa framework. It would be great to have that kind of flexibility but it's not realistic.

For REAL Studio 2010 R4, there are over 30 bug fixes related to Cocoa specifically and a few new features as well. But we are not just fixing bugs. We are also refactoring code to make it more efficient and easier for us to maintain so that there will be fewer bugs in the future.

At this point, all Cocoa work now has shifted to R5 which will likely ship in early December. By that time, we believe the Cocoa framework will be in good enough shape that you should be able to run your apps under Cocoa with some bugs but your apps may not be shippable. For 2011 R1, most applications should run with few if any bugs and be shippable to your end users. The IDE itself will be in a similar shape. For R5 we will have it running but buggy and for R1 it should be shippable.

The journey from Carbon to Cocoa has been a long one but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


Redcort Software said...

Geoff, Did you really mean that work on cocoa has shifted to R5? This seems incorrect with R3.2 just shipping and R4 still in early beta.

Keith DeLong
Redcort Software

Geoff Perlman said...

Yes, Cocoa has shifted to R5. As we get further into the beta, some of the bigger changes in Cocoa become unsafe for the beta so we move them to the alpha of the next release (R5 in this case). It's purely to avoid Cocoa causing problems for R4 when we know we are about to make some big changes.

Joseph Claeys said...

So is the web stuff coming out in R4? That wasn't clear to me.

Geoff Perlman said...

@ Joseph - No, the Web framework will not be ready for R4. We want to spend more time fixing bugs and getting it to be really solid before it ships.