Monday, November 22, 2010

Black Friday Sale 30% off all New REAL Studio License Keys

New REAL Studio licenses will be on sale for “Black Friday”, November 26, 2010, the biggest shopping day of the year, from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM CST. All new licenses will be discounted to 30% off of their original price.

If you are interested in getting REAL Studio Enterprise edition in anticipation of REAL Studio Web Edition, this is a great opportunity to get 30% off!

REAL Studio is a desktop, console and web development tool. Using REAL Studio developers can create powerful cross-platform applications for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux ranging from utilities to full-featured enterprise applications and everything in between. Creating web applications for REAL Studio will be available soon as a feature of the Enterprise Edition. REAL Studio is great for both those who are new or want to learn programming and professional, full-time developers.

REAL Studio is available in three editions: Personal, Professional and Enterprise. REAL Studio Personal Edition, priced at $99, is ideal for students and hobbyists and those making software for themselves. REAL Studio Professional Edition for $299 is geared for the more advanced user and includes the ability to compile for all three platforms (Mac, Windows and Linux). REAL Studio Enterprise Edition is fully-charged for the professional, full-time software developer and allows developers to develop and deploy on all three platforms. The upcoming Web Edition will be included in Enterprise Edition. REAL Studio Enterprise Edition is priced at $995.

REAL Software offers a 90-day money back guarantee on new licenses, so developers can purchase their license at the discounted price during this one-day Black Friday sale and get a full refund within 90 days if they are not fully satisfied.

To take advantage of this sale visit on Friday, November 26th and the discount will be applied in the store.

REAL Software is currently shipping REAL Studio 2010 Release 4.1 and all versions are available for download now at REAL Studio is available in 30-day free trial editions.


Unknown said...

It is quite unfortunate that this is for new licences only - again. If you open that up for renewals, I am going to renew my pro licence for another two years.

Alyssa said...

@Alex Don't worry we have Renewal sales through the year too, this just isn't one of them!

Unknown said...

Haven't seen one since the last discount for new licences, so will wait and see ;-) Can you give a hint if it will be still this year?

Joseph Claeys said...

Alyssa. But this is when we have money for gifts and such. I don't want much for xmas. Having my kids by me a renewal (actually me buying it and they taking the credit) would great. Now I guess I just buy myself socks or something.

Alyssa said...

@Joseph Why don't you email Customer Service with details?

Unknown said...

Yes Joseph, tell customer service how you like your socks and where you want them mailed. Heaven forbid we should discuss this publicly :)

Alex: I searched my old mail and I'm not seeing any recent renewal/upgrade specials, if you're wondering (just as I was). Must be some renewal party we weren't invited to.

Alyssa: Even now, with the special, a new user gets a twelve-month subscription at upgrade pricing, whereas an existing customer wishing to upgrade gets only a 6 month extension despite paying 70% (!) of the full retail price.

I think upgrade and renewal should be the same thing (50% of new license with the full 12 months). As demonstrated above, the current structure (and management's bias for new blood) penalizes existing clients.

Me, I've owned RB since version 1.0. If the basic structure were reasonable, there wouldn't be so many folks holding back for a blue-moon special.

tonybarry said...

Alyssa, thank you for the heads up on the New REAL Studio Licence Key sale.

Unfortunately I have owned RB since v2.1.2 and so I cannot take advantage of the generous offer. I would be very interested in a Christmas Present for the long-time supporters of RB ... something like an upgrade from Pro to Enterprise for 50% off :-)

If you can mention this to Br. Geoff I'd be very pleased. Whether he indulges the long-timers or not is of course up to him. But it would be a sweet Christmas Present.

Tony Barry

Unknown said...

Well, I think feedback is quite clear. Here as well as on the NUG. Current users feel penalized because there has been no renewal discount in 2010 but you kept promising. Well, of course there's one month left, so I think this would be quite a smart christmas gift.