Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Announcing REAL Studio Web Edition

Today we are announcing the general availability of REAL Studio Web Edition, the first web application development tool designed for both ordinary people and traditional software programmers. REAL Studio Web Edition allows users to easily create rich, web 3.0 applications up to 50 times faster than traditional web development tools by using a single programming language rather than several web technologies.

The complexity of coding web applications has prevented many developers as well as hobbyists from attempting to create innovative new web-based applications. REAL Studio Web Edition uses a single, high-level, object-oriented language that is tightly integrated with the REAL Studio web framework. This allows developers to focus on what makes their application unique. Because of its unique interface, almost any app built for the desktop can now be created for the web with ease, without the need to learn five different web technologies.

Web Edition’s visual interface builder allows the user to create an interface via “drag and drop” rather than hand-coding it in HTML. Behind-the-scenes, the web framework translates the user interface on the fly into the appropriate web technologies required by the browser, thus eliminating the need for the user to know the above mentioned web languages and technologies. The integrated debugger makes tracking down bugs far easier than traditional web development tools. Additionally, the interface controls are supported on all browsers, which eliminates testing on each browser which is required with other techniques.

REAL Software applications are uniquely compiled to machine code for fast execution, allowing developers to sell their software with the knowledge that their intellectual property is safe and secure

“More and more users want applications delivered via their browser, but the complexity of doing so made it out of the reach of most people. Now ordinary people and software programmers alike, who once thought the learning curve was too steep, can build web applications easily and quickly,” said Geoff Perlman, REAL Software founder and CEO. “We currently have a seven-year-old creating an application using this new tool and if a child can learn REAL Studio, anyone can.”

REAL Studio Web Edition is available today for $599. It is included in REAL Studio Enterprise Edition, which also allows developers to create high quality applications for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. REAL Studio Enterprise Edition is priced at $995. REAL Studio is available in a 30-day trial and also includes a 90-day money back guarantee.

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