Friday, December 24, 2010

Cocoa Progress Report

The road from Carbon to Cocoa for us has been a long and winding one but the fruits of our labor are beginning to really show themselves. Yesterday, we made available a beta of the new version of our Feedback application that you use to submit bug reports and feature requests. There are a few new features in Feedback 2011r1 but what is most interesting is that this version of Feedback is built with our Cocoa-based Mac framework!

Feedback is not a simple app. The fact that our Cocoa support has come far enough that we can take our Feedback app and rebuild it using our Cocoa framework says a lot about just how far the Cocoa framework has come. While there are couple of minor issues with this first beta, on the whole it works very well and we have been using it internally for several weeks now.

This version of Feedback is built with REAL Studio 2011r1 which is not yet available to beta testers but will be soon after the holidays. We have made a lot of improvements to our Cocoa support for 2011r1 and I'm confident many of you will find that your apps can be deployed when built with it. This really is a milestone and while it's taken quite a while to get here, it will be worth the wait. Cocoa is a big step in terms of modernizing our Mac OS X support.

Your patience is appreciated. We are almost there.


rick said...


Joseph Claeys said...

Good news! Thanks Geoff. Oh and I really like the new logo!!

Unknown said...

This is good news, Geoff. It seems pretty solid and it definitely seems zippier than the carbon version.

I'm really looking forward to testing the Cocoa framework and eventually seeing the IDE with a Cocoa build. said...

i just noticed the logo. Clean. Nice.