Tuesday, December 7, 2010

REAL Studio and the Mac App Store

When Apple announced the Mac App Store, some in our community began asking if applications created with REAL Studio would be accepted. Having looked over the requirements, there was no reason I could see why they wouldn't be but the ultimate test would be an app made with REAL Studio being accepted into the Mac App Store.

Christian Miller of Pariahware, Inc., a long-time REAL Studio developer, announced yesterday on the REAL Software forums that his Doc Merge app (which was created with REAL Studio) has been accepted by the Mac App Store. Congratulations Christian!

There are several other developers with apps that are awaiting review by Apple but the fact that Christian's was accepted suggests that Apple is following its requirements and apps made with REAL Studio that meet those requirements will be accepted. Of course the more apps that are accepted the better but for those of you curious about the Mac App Store, this is certainly a very good sign.


Unknown said...

Great! Now could you tell us *how* to do it? I took a look at the instructions from Apple and couldn't figure out how to use XCode to package up the program the way Apple wants.

Geoff Perlman said...

As we gather information on what is needed and can find ways to make it easier for you, we will make that information available.

John Balestrieri said...

This is very good news indeed! (Even if the exact steps are as-yet undefined.)

Anonymous said...

Wohoo for Christian, and glad to see that it came through. Mine's still "in review", though submitted over a month ago. Now I can finish my article for ARBP, and also look forward to my related session at the Summit in Atlanta next march. And thanks to the RS team for keeping it "clean" :)

cm said...

Thanks. The official status is "Pending an Apple Release". Much kudos to Thomas Tempelmann who converted some open source C code to RB for receipt validation.

Charles Kelley said...

Congratulations to Christian!

Did Christian's application contain the "Made with REAL Studio" statement? How long did the review process take?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, easier would be nice, but the steps to submit a mobile app to the App Store are freaking convoluted, but everybody does it.

Which means I'd rather have a convoluted step-by-step guide NOW than wait for something easier later.

How about it?

MGV said...

Big step forward.

We do need a step by step guide - If we were happy writing things in objective-c then we wouldn't all be so interested in this.

I'm really interested in this - but I would want to know how to do it step by step...


Anonymous said...

Give me two more day, I'm working on an ARBP article. With pretty pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

My article is now up (sorry, no pictures, I figured it works just as well without):

To access it, you need a paid ARBP subscription ($50/y).
And before you complain: You'll also need a Mac Dev Program subscription with Apple ($99/y), too. So the Mac App Store is for serious app developers only, anyway.
You can get by without my article if you want to read thru the docs from Apple and browse the forums. But especially if you want to sell (vs. free) you app on the Store, you should read my article to learn how to protect your app against oncontrolled copying.

tbg10101 said...

You don't need to code in Obj-C, you just need to make a standard installer using the installer maker included with XCode.

1. Create a unique, high quality application.
2. Create a free Apple developer account.
3. Download the XCode Suite from developer.apple.com
4. Create the standard installer using the included tool.
5. If you want to submit to the app store enter the Mac developer program. ($99/year)
6. Submit your application at developer.apple.com

I hope that helps!