Friday, March 25, 2011

The Real Studio Atlanta Summit

This past weekend was the Real Studio Atlanta Summit hosted by the Association of Realbasic Professionals. Four of us from Real Software, Thom, Greg, Norman and myself attended, and Thom and I presented sessions. The conference lasted two days with lots of sessions aimed at various levels of Real Studio proficiency.

Getting so many Real Studio users together in one place is always a great thing. Those of us at Real Software who attended really enjoyed talking to long-time users and meeting new ones as well. The speakers all did a great job. The wide range of experiences both speakers and attendees had was amazing.

I'm sure there will be Real Studio conferences in the future and I highly recommend attending. You will learn from the sessions and the hallway conversation with other users, as well as gain valuable networking opportunities. It's a lot of fun too!

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Thomas Tempelmann said...

It was a great conference indeed. I came the long way from Germany and didn't regret it. I noticed that the REAL World conference did cost much more back then, yet I'd still like to see those being re-installed. Having RS actively support these conferences makes a big difference, I think. And I really liked what I saw about the new IDE design. And thanks to ARBP, especially Bob Keeney, to organize this one again!