Friday, April 8, 2011

Feedback Tips

Back in September of 2009 we introduced Feedback, our tool for reporting bugs and requesting features that is built in Real Studio. Since then we have updated and improved Feedback significantly, tailoring it to our users' and our engineers' needs. Though there are many features we look forward to adding in the future, there are probably a few really handy ones you may not know are already there.

Search by Creator: You can search for reports by the creator's email address using syntax like "" where "" is the creator's email address.

Search Using old Fogbugz ID's: Use "fb:xxxx" where xxxx is the original Fogbugz ID number.

Removing yourself from emails: To stop getting emails about a specific bug simply remove that report from your favorites list.

Read-Only Mode: Read-only mode allows users with expired license keys to search and check the status of exisiting reports. To exit Read-Only mode, simply go to Preferences, click on the Applications tab, then click the "Change" button in the Editions group.

Creating New Bug Reports: And last but certainly not least...can't create a new bug report? Just a reminder that before you can enter a new bug report you must first do a search to see if the report has been entered already. Feedback will not let you enter a new report until you have first searched. This feature was designed to save both you and our engineers time.

Hopefully this helps you to use Feedback to its fullest. If you have a tip on improving Feedback please enter a feature request. And don't forget about the Feedback Help on the start page or the Documentation Wiki.


Steve Albin said...

Maybe I'm missing something, but I'd love it if I could search for items containing ALL the words rather than ANY of the words. Just now doing a seach for Cocoa Modal so I can see if a bug has been reported, it seems like I'm getting all bug reports mentioning Cocoa - some things that have nothing to do with windows, nevermind modal windows.

Thom McGrath said...

Yeah, we're aware Feedback needs some more searching options.

Adam Osborne said...

I'd like to be able to suggest a case should be closed. I have a couple of open cases that could be closed but don't know how to do it

Geoff said...

@ Adam - Two options - 1) Post a note on the case saying that it can be closed for whatever reason or 2) Send an email to anyone at Real Software with the case number and the reason it can be closed. They will forward it to the right person.