Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Are web apps the key to cross-device access?

This is an interesting article by Tim Bajarin on the idea of apps running on multiple devices. If you need an app to run on multiple devices, a web app is a really good solution in many cases. There are certainly times when a native app is a better solution but for a lot of apps, especially business applications, a web-based application saves development time and money.

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Bob Keeney said...

Web apps can be very good but they lack much of the details that a good desktop application has. Ideally you'd want some sort of hybrid between a desktop app and a web app.

I *think* this is where Chrome is trying to fit in but it might be going too heavy into the web. Certainly there are a LOT of iOS apps (presumably Android as well) that are a web app running inside of a native application.

I see a lot of upsides to this approach. I wish Web Edition apps could be done like so that I didn't have to run inside a browser or htmlviewer.