Monday, June 20, 2011

JSON: A New Kid on the Block

With Web Edition coming along and more and more feature requests coming in, one of the essentials to making external services work was to add JSON support ( This nifty protocol written by Douglas Crockford is a way to represent objects as a string so they can be transmitted across the internet. As it turned out, interfacing with Google's Geocoding engine was the perfect opportunity to add JSON to the upcoming Real Studio 2011 Release 2.

Building on an open-source library from Charcoal Design, we created a new class named JSONItem. For those of you that don't already know, JSON objects can either contain named items (like a dictionary) or indexed items (like an array). To make these objects a little easier to create, we've added methods so you can manipulate them either way. Values can be Strings, Numbers, Booleans, Nil or another JSONItem.

For instance:

//Like a Dictionary
Dim Person as new JSONItem
Person.Value("Name") = "John Doe"
Person.Value("Married") = True
Person.Value("Age") = 35
Person.Value("Spouse") = "Jane Doe"

//Like an array
Dim Kids as new JSONItem
Kids.Append "James"
Kids.Append "Julie"
Kids.Append "Joe"
Kids.Append "Jessica"

//Add the Kids JSONItem to the parent JSONItem
Person.Value("Kids") = Kids

//Create a JSON string from the defined object
Dim JSONString as String = Person.ToString()

JSONString = {"Name":"John Doe","Married":true,"Age":35,"Spouse":"Jane Doe","Kids":["James","Julie","Joe","Jessica"]}

In addition to creating JSON Strings, JSONItem can parse them. Once loaded, you can walk through the object as if you were traversing a folderitem tree. Using the example above:

Person = new JSONItem(JSONString) //From the example above
Dim MyKids as JSONItem = Person.Child("Kids")
For i As Integer = 0 to MyKids.Count-1
MsgBox MyKids.Value(i)
Next i

Services that you can communicate with using JSON include Google, WordPress, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.


Anonymous said...

Huzzah! I had to hack together a JSON parser a few months ago from some ancient RB code I found. I'll be glad to be able to scrap that monstrosity.

Anonymous said...

I assume there's also a function to get the key's name for a retrieved JSONItem?

Steveorevo said...

Excellent. I've been using Charcoal Design's JSON object for a while now. Nice to see it being officially supported now. Wonder if it supports chaining correctly as the dictionary object does not. One has to "extends" it to return a variant in order to get it to return additional dictionary objects. I.e. a series of dictionaries to access an integer like this:

t = dict("windows").value("positions").value("top")

does not work unless you 'correct' the dictionary object by overriding the value method with a variant returning one of your own.

Greg O'Lone said...

To answer your questions

1. You can get a list of keys using the Names() method

2. To use the chaining, you would do something like this:

t = js.item("windows").item("positions").value("top")

icakinser said...

The following is my json file:
{"chapter": {"title":"Blaaaaaa","content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}}

How would I parse this so I would get Title and content? The format is valid, but is it valid for rb? I cant get it to work :( And JSON documentation is still missing!!

icakinser said...

sorry got cut off:
{"chapter": {"title":"Blaaaaaa","content":"8Bkcmx"}}

icakinser said...

To those that have the same issue:
title.text = chapter.Child("chapter").Value("title")
content = chapter.Child("chapter").Value("content")

DOCUMENTATION WOULD BE NICE WOULDNT IT??But the above will work to get the separate values of your keys.

Zhu Jia'nan said...
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Zhu Jia'nan said...

Just read this article. The JSON lib written by Douglas Crockford has a bug in string handling. I've fixed it about a year ago and told him, but didn't receive his reply. Was that found and fixed in Real Studio?