Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How much is too much?

This week, Microsoft provided more information about the app marketplace being built into Windows 8. They are doing some things differently than Apple which is a good because healthy competition is always a good thing for consumers.

In one of the videos, Microsoft Web Services VP Antoine Leblond says that prices for apps can be between $1.49 and $999.99. He went on to say that "a thousand bucks is too much for an app." Who exactly is he to say how much is too much for an app? Microsoft's store currently sells two editions of Visual Studio for over $1000 each. Will these not be offered in the app marketplace? 

The price a developer charges for their product should not be dictated by any online store. That's a decision the developer should make.


Stephen said...

Does the Windows Store only accept apps written in HTML5 or use XAML? Does that mean RealStudio apps are not eligible?

Keir Wells said...

Geoff, I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments regarding what is essentially a form of forced price fixing.

Unfortunately, it is an all too common practice throughout society. In Australia, as I am sure in other countries, we have the major supermarkets dictating retail prices to providers.

From my own perspective, I believe Apple and Microsoft should adopt less dictatorial approaches to their app store models. Will it actually happen? I believe it will, but *only* as a result of consumer pressure.

Jeremy said...

I would say they have the right to set any limit they want for their store and what they want to be liable for. Do they want to be on the end of a transaction for $15,000 software that was made on a stolen credit card?

Software of $1000 and beyond is rare. Sure, it happens, but rare. Thus, they will be able to easily handle 99.9% of all software packages and limit their liability.

Jeremy said...

It's up to them. There are business reasons for limiting the amount of money to accept and handle a transaction for. Do they want to be responsible for a $15,000 fraudulent purchase?

The limit of $999 allows them to sell 99.9% of all applications. Applications of $1,000 and more are rare and they probably have their own outlet.