Monday, January 30, 2012

Debugger 101

There are a lot of users that don't realize that Real Studio has a debugger- and it's very easy to use!

Let's say that you want to track down a bug in your code and you know that the problem occurs when you push the Show Me button on a window. In your project you would go to the action event of the Show Me button and set a breakpoint next to one of the lines of code as shown below by the red dot (click on the hash mark to set the breakpoint):

Then, to debug the code:
1. Press the Run button
2. Enter any necessary values into the UI
3. Press the Show Me button
You will see debugger pane on the right (this shows the result after pressing the Step button several times):

That's all there is to it. Using the debugger you will have a much easier time locating and fixing problems in your code. For more details on how to use the Real Studio debugger visit "Debugging Your Code" in our Documentation Wiki.

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