Monday, January 16, 2012

More Video Tutorials Coming Soon

Starting in February we will welcome Paul Lefebvre as our new Developer Evangelist. Among many other tasks, Paul will be giving live tutorials on a number of Real Studio topics each month.

We already have quite a few ideas for these tutorials from your feedback and I'm sure that Paul will arrive with ideas of his own. In addition, we welcome tutorial suggestions from you. If you have a suggestion for a video tutorial, one that would be helpful for you as well as other Real Studio users, please enter a Feature Request into Feedback.


olivier said...

The very big disadvantage of the videos is that they are difficult to understand for clients who do not speak English.

A user like me (I use the Enterprise Edition + WE for professionnal projects) can understand a written english text, there are also "google translate" to help. But listening to a foreign language is much more difficult, it's impossible for me for example.

Thank you to remember that some clients are not Americans.

Alyssa said...

Hi Oliver, We do have plans to localize some videos into other languages.

ruffin said...

"How to write your own SSL-enabled IMAP library for Real Studio Personal"?


HTML/Screen-scraping tutorials would be cool.

Using named pipes with Real Studio would be awesome -- so say communicating locally between a Real Studio app and Java or a .NET console app.

olivier said...

Thank you Alyssa!

subtitle may be sufficient as well. The main thing is that there is a translation. (in French, it would be nice;-)