Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hello from Paul Lefebvre

Hello fellow Real Studio developers! My name is Paul Lefebvre and I am the newest member of the Real Software team, taking on the role of Developer Evangelist.

In this position I will be responsible for many things that relate to educating prospective and existing customers about the best ways to get the most out of Real Studio. In particular, I will be focusing on documentation, tutorials, example projects, webinars, blogging, training and social web coverage.

I've been using Real Studio for over 10 years and have been programming professionally for nearly 20 years using other tools such as PowerBuilder, C#, VB.NET and Java.

I am extremely excited to be joining the Real Software team!

I love hearing from fellow Real Studio developers, so if you have any suggestions on how I can help you make better use of Real Studio, send me an email:


Pete said...

Guess RealSoft should employee Cocoa devs instead of PR people.
First make a product working, then do PR.

Bob Boice said...

@ Pete - Bringing a knowledgeable product evangelist on staff is a wise move for Real Software. They need to focus on building their client base. However, it does appear that they also need to beef up their developer staff a bit in order to expedite bug fixes, product enhancements, etc.. Only time will tell.