Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to be lazy, productive & successful

I came across this link on GeekWire, which offers some great tips on how to stay productive.  I think it applies to everyone, including software developers.  It's worth a quick read:

GeekWire: How to be lazy, productive & successful


Norman Palardy said...

Oddly enough I've told employers for a long time my best trait is that I'm lazy - which they always react to quite oddly.
"You're best trait is that you're lazy?"
I'm sure they're expecting ambitious, detail oriented or some other trait.
But when I explain that I'm lazy and hate doing things wrong the first time & rather would take my time & do it right they see how being "lazy" is an asset.
This article reinforces that to some extent - but for different reasons.

PRO-WARE, LLC said...

One of the most productive decisions I've made over the last few recent years is to be frugal with my personal and business time.

Companies love to have meetings and many of them result in little or no productive work getting done. I avoid these like the plague. Meetings should be less than 30 minutes if you want to maximize the time devoted to them.

When someone wants to meet with me to discuss a business or personal decision, I always tell them to send me an email summarizing the discussion we are going to have. This allows me to organize my thoughts before we meet and results in much less time spent explaining and discussing.