Thursday, March 1, 2012

Documentation Changes

You may not be aware but the Real Software Documentation Wiki has had quite a few updates recently.

First, the main page has been redesigned to better organize the sections of the Documentation.  The Language Reference is at the top, Desktop and Web Applications share the center and General Information is at the bottom.

The Web Applications section has three new articles about hosting your web applications:
In order to improve searching, more redirects have been added to the wiki for common search terms. For example, try searching for "control arrays" or "attribute editor".

The Language Reference has also been updated quite a bit.  View the Recent Changes page to see all the changes.  These Language Reference changes will be available in the local Language Reference when Real Studio 2012r1 ships.

I hope these changes make our Documentation Wiki easier to use and more useful.


barthalamu said...

While you're working on the documentation, any chance you could bring back auto-complete for search terms? I miss being able to type 'runt-TAB' to get 'runtimeexception'

And if you get an exact match, go directly to that page instead of going to a search results page first would be nice.


Rick said...

I wish a PDF version too. Printable and searchable versions of the Language Reference and User Guide.