Monday, April 30, 2012

Reminder: Set the Application Identifier in your Web App

Many times when a web app won't run, it's the simple things like setting an Application Identifier that are causing the trouble. Your web application must have an Application Identifier specified on the App properties or the web application will not start.

The Application Identifier can be set in three simple steps:

1. Click on the Project tab
2. Select the App class
3. Edit the Application Identifier property

The format usually looks like this:


You can find more details on the Application Identifier at our Documentation Wiki:


Thomas Tempelmann said...

How about this:

To avoid this easy-to-make error in the future, the IDE should always put in some random-generated code here if the field is empty.

The code would be in this format:

Where xyz is a long random number, maybe even a GUID, with the dashes removed.

That'll save both the users and RS support a lot of grief, and it's perfectly safe.

Thomas Tempelmann said...

Actually, the format would be more like:

jason@real said...

2012r1 prompts you for a project name and your company name when you start a project then automatically creates an application identifier from that which is still editable by the user.

Rick said...

I expected a compiler warning or error for any known kind of error conditions. So user should see the problem and take actions.