Monday, June 11, 2012

Impressions from Real World 2012

1. People

First and by large, the people were the best part of Real World 2012. As it was my first time to attend a Real World conference, I was swept off my feet by how many nice and interesting people I met. As a vendor, most client conversations go by email. Now, for the first time, I met clients face to face and we talked for hours. Beside my clients, I met a lot of really great people. Both developers like myself and users of various aspects of Real Studio. It was very interesting to see the astonishing programs people had created with Real Studio.

2. Sessions

Whether it was Geoff Perlman's keynote or the introduction note by Ken Whitaker, Bob Keeney's entertaining session about ‘Consulting with Real Studio’, Thomas Tempelmann’s session about the Mac App Store, Christian Schmitz’s session about his great plug-ins or any of the other sessions and the really great presenters - Real World 2012 was a complete success from my point of view. When you use Real Studio day in and day out like I do, listening to how other developers use it is a great opportunity to get out of your ‘tunnel-view’. Their tips and tricks are often precious little gems and more than once I thought “wow, I will try this one out...’

3. Location

Since I live in Florida, I first thought that a location other than Orlando would be more interesting for me (especially since I went with my family to the parks just a week earlier). Then again, it is a great location since it is easy to reach (lots of direct flights from within the US but also from Europe - no idea how easily our Australian colleague made it to there though…). The hotel was nice and affordable. The service was good. I still have no idea why the outside bar at the pool was closed in the evening, but we found places elsewhere to hang out together and talk - sometimes until 2am. I was bragging to my German colleagues about how empty the streets of Florida are compared to the Autobahn in Germany and it was Murphy’s Law the streets in Orlando chose to proved me wrong. When I left for home, the main highway was closed after an accident and it took me 5 hours, instead of 3 to drive home! I guess, that was relatively short given that a lot of people had long distance flights ahead of them.

4. Organization

Where can I start? I did organize a couple of huge events in one of my former lives, hence I know: if everything looks smooth like silk, there was a lot of preparation and planing beforehand. To cut a long (praising) story short: Dana, Alyssa and the rest of the team did an awesome job in organizing this event. If I didn't know any better, I would say they are really professional event planners. So from me and I’m sure from all other attendees of Real World 2012, a honest and warm ‘Thank you' to Dana and Alyssa for making this event one of the best organized I attended so far. You set the bar pretty high.

5. Round Up

From meeting people during and after the sessions, to all the interesting presenters, to the accommodations, all the way to a perfect dinner on a ‘ship’ - Real World 2012 was worth every penny. I’m looking forward to Real World 2013 (in Hawaii...? ;))

Ingo Molitor is the founder of Bluetelligence and the developer behind RB Package Maker Studio. Before founding Bluetelligence, he worked in IT for 12 years and has been developing in Real Studio for 3 years.

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