Monday, July 30, 2012

Real Studio User Database Breakdown

Understanding how you use Real Studio and what your requirements are as developers drives our future development of Real Studio. To that end, we conduct periodic surveys both to gather data and to see how we are doing with the product focus.  A few months ago we did a survey and an overwhelming number of people asked us to share the data (specifically on the database breakdown).

We separate each survey by language as well as edition, which helps us better analyze the results. This information has been useful in helping us with the upcoming changes to our pricing structure. As with any significant change, we make every effort to clearly see the whole picture and know who will be directly affected and how by these proposed changes.

Through this latest customer survey we once again confirmed what we have found or suspected in the past. For example, Personal users are more likely to:

  • Build apps for their own use
  • Use Real Studio to learn to program
  • Run their programs in the IDE rather than building

when compared to Professional or Enterprise users. We also found that the majority of you, regardless of edition, use Real Studio at work, for both your own use and use by others. We were pleased to learn that the majority of Enterprise users are now actively using Web Edition.

As for databases, we polled only the databases supported directly in Real Studio, any third party databases you connect to would be included in the ODBC category. These numbers include both Professional and Enterprise users.

MS SQL Server 

Paul recently posted a similar survey in the Real Studio Developers group on LinkedIn with parallel results if you are interested in joining that discussion.


Craig said...

That equals 167%...

DMW said...

Thanks for posting it. It's interesting to see the breakdown of DBs in use.

If would have been nice to see additinal breakdown. DBs in use for the Web respectively Desktop.

Kind regards,

Alyssa said...

@Craig, The total is more than 100% because people were allowed to indicate if they used more than one type of server.

Alyssa said...

@DMW, We did not survey databases of WE users, though we will certainly do so in the future. These results are Enterprise + Pro users and the spread between databases was roughly the same for those editions.

Beatrix Willius said...

Nobody uses Valentina? Very unlikely.

Craig said...

@Alyssa, thanks for clearing that up!
Also, thank you VERY much for posting this.
Given all the MySQL license nonsense I am surprised that so many people use it.

Alyssa said...

@Beatrix, As I pointed out in the post, "we polled only the databases supported directly in Real Studio, any third party databases you connect to would be included in the ODBC category".

Craig said...


Just out of curiosity any idea if any of the folks that selected MySQL are actually using MariaDB? Or did MariaDB fall into "ODBC"?

Paul Lefebvre said...

@Craig: There's no way to know if people that used MariaDB selected MySQL or ODBC. And FYI, we haven't tested our MySQL plugin with MariaDB, so I have no idea if it works with it.