Friday, August 10, 2012

An Italian Real Studio Duo

The Olympics are still going strong and we have enjoyed watching all of the extremely talented athletes and hearing the inspirational stories about how they got to the Games. In that spirit we have asked our international employees to put together pieces on developers from their home countries. We'd like to thank Gilberto for putting together this blog post about two Real Studio developers in Italy.

System-i is a small business run by Sergio Tamborini and Emanuele Piccini. They provide software and hardware support for Apple products. They work closely with loyal customers, mainly located in their area of Italy.

Sergio and Emanuele joined forces and founded System-i in 2004, with the goal of delivering multi-user and cross-platform ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and the webThey also offer highly customized content management systems for the web.

System-i avoids ready-to-go open source products- as they hardly adapt to every customer needs and often requires much maintenance to fix security holes- in favor of customized solutions created with Real Studio Enterprise Edition.

One of the key aspects of their work is the extreme attention to details and ease of use of their products. Most of their products intuitively satisfy every customer request, often without the need for a printed user's guide.

Gest-L is one of their powerful stock software apps created using Real Studio Enterprise Edition.

It is a modern ERP solution that can handle customers' and suppliers' contact info, invoicing (incoming invoices, outgoing invoices and due dates), quote generation and graphic reports.

Sergio Tamborini is an IT enthusiast since 1982 and has worked as a freelance consultant since 1997. He started using Real Studio in 2000 to create software for the Mac. He is a self-taught and matured a valuable development experience over the years.

Emanuele Piccini has worked as a freelance developer and system administrator since 1999. More important, he's a true geek since the first time he touched a keyboard. He started using Real Studio in 2004 to create cross-platform solutions.

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