Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Guest Blog Post: Real Studio App Saves Millions of Dollars for Investment Company

Kuwait & Middle East Financial Investment Company is a stock brokerage company operating out of Kuwait. Each year, our company would pay millions of dollars to various software companies and vendors for licenses, maintenance fees and occasional feature requests for our various internal and stock trading applications. 

As an experienced Real Studio programmer, I saw an opportunity to save the company millions of dollars by using Real Studio to build these applications internally. I convinced Kuwait & Middle East Financial Investment Company to buy Real Studio and third party plugins from Monkeybread Software and Einhugur. 

Within 7 months, I had developed both a beautiful stock trading and an internal office application which suited our needs. Each time I come across a question about a feature, I found an answer from the Real Studio community on the user forums. All our applications are based on client-server architecture. The server side components are in Linux servers and client side is based on Windows. 

Our new, Real Studio built, stock trading application allows for live trading in the stock market using FIX 5.0 protocol standards and displays a live market feed. 

The internal office application is used for order management and features buying power to avoid short selling, automatic sending reports via email and fax to clients after end of market in PDF format, automatic generation of vouchers in general ledger when trades a occurs, as well as all required features for a stock brokerage firm.

Our company is very satisfied by this move and couldn’t have saved this much money without Real Studio.

Sunil S Abraham is the Senior System Developer, IT - Run Division for Kuwait & Middle East Financial Investment Company. Originally programming in VB 6, Sunil started searching for an alternative in 2004. Once he discovered Real Studio he "never looked back" and has been actively developing in Real Studio since 2005, porting multiple VB 6 applications over the years.

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Unknown said...

Nice work Sunil!
Also nice to see our ChartDirector plugin in action.