Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Update Your Plugins for Real Studio 2012r1

Real Studio 2012 Release 1 makes use of the updated plugins API.  In addition, some older classes that have been deprecated for a while have been removed (such as ContextualMenu).

This means, more so than past releases, you also need to make sure you are have installed the latest versions of any plugins that you use.

Older plugins that may still be relying on no longer supported API calls or removed functionality.  This could cause them to behave unreliably and possibly cause instability when used with 2012r1.

For your reference, here are links to popular plugins used with Real Studio:

MonkeyBread Software
Van Hoek
Bob Delaney

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Valentina for REALBasic plugin, which contains:
Valentina Database engine
Valentina Client
Valentina Reports engine

both 4.9 version and 5.0 beta works fine with this build of RB 2012r1.