Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Code Editor Fonts

There are a wide variety of fonts that work great with the Real Studio code editor.  All are much better choices than using System or Courier! For best results, you are going to want to use a monospaced font.  Below are some of my favorites.

This font is installed by default on OS X. It is big and very easy to read.

Code Editor using Monaco

I've been using this font for years. It is a little smaller than other fonts at the same point size.

Code Editor using Inconsolata

Source Code Pro
Adobe just released this font and it is very nice. I'm going to try using it for a while.

Code Editor with SourceCodePro

This is the first alternative font I used. I think the other mentioned here are nicer.

What do you use?
There are dozens of other great programming fonts. What is your favorite?


ruffin said...

Been using ProFont since Spolsky suggested it.

The goal, at least pre-Retina display, is to have the most legible letters on the screen at a time. ProFont does a better job using fewer pixels than any other I've tried. So "big and very easy to read" usually isn't a programmer's metric, right? You want more code on the screen so that you're mousing or keystroking around to read code less.

I've looked for TrueType raster fonts, but can't find any as small as the Windows bitmap versions (though some larger ones were here). Those really are some works of art.

Geoff Perlman said...

I use Menlo.

Bob Coleman said...
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Bob Coleman said...

I use Consolas.

One thing I have always felt was lacking in most code editors is the ability to specify the leading separate from the font. On some screens a little more space between lines would be easier on the eyes then others.

Roger said...

Ok, so I installed Source Code Pro on my Mac. It shows up in all word processing apps, but it doesn't show up in the list of fonts in the REALStudio preferences. Why is that?

Unknown said...

I'm using Consolas too.

Paul Lefebvre said...

@Roger: I installed Source Code Pro on my Mac and it showed up right away in the Real Studio prefs. Maybe close and re-open the RS prefs window or RS itself?

Bob Coleman said...

@Roger: RealStudio builds the font list it uses when it loads. So you have to restart studio to see the font.

Unknown said...

I use two unusual ones, in that they go a different route than most monospaced/terminal fonts

One is monofur. It's pretty unusual and goes a different way than most with its roundiness, but it's easy to get accustomed to and ends up giving a lot of personality to the text you're editing.

The other is Ubuntu Mono. A font made to look as if it was proportional but that it's actually monospaced.

I feel Consolas and Anonymous Pro deserve a mention. Both are fantastic.