Thursday, December 20, 2012

Introducing the Real Studio WebSDK

As one of the most requested features since the initial release of the Real Studio Web Edition, Real Studio 2012r2 includes the first public release of our Web Control SDK. You can find the SDK in the Extras folder, which contains documentation, some example projects and even a tool for creating your own IDE icons!

jQuery Calendar Sample Project
Originally designed as a way to simply allow developers to wrap existing controls (which it still does), the WebSDK has been expanded to allow the creation of custom controls from scratch. Developers who are familiar with Real Studio, HTML, CSS and JavaScript will find it easy to create whatever comes to mind.

Because there is the potential for a single project to use many different controls from different developers, Real Software created a central registry where developers are encouraged to reserve their preferred javascript namespace (see the documentation for more info on how to do this).

We've already received and reserved 12 namespaces and we're looking forward to seeing the controls you create!

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