Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A New Beginning with Xojo

Starting with the 2013 R1 release, Real Studio will become Xojo and Real Software, Inc. will become Xojo, Inc. We are still the same company and Xojo (2013r1) is the same great IDE you have come to know and love, with a brand new interface and some great new features. For more information about this upcoming change, announced today at the Real Studio Developer Conference, please visit the FAQ. We are all very excited about this change and growing the Xojo community! Xojo will be shipping on Tuesday, June 4th.


Steveorevo said...

Will there be any upgrade license specials with this great announcement?

Unknown said...

@Steveorevo We haven't announced any sales, but always keep an eye on our mailing list and newsletter for announcements of this kind!

Also, as renewal prices will be changing, we are offering our users a chance to renew now for up to 24 months! If you have any questions about your renewal, feel free to email us at

Unknown said...

regrettable name choice. how do you pronounce it so we sound like we know what we are talking about?

Dana said...

@Tom Polson Think about how you would pronounce Xerox. Xojo rhymes with "mojo" and "dojo."

Thomas Boelskifte said...

Initially I was skeptical about the name, but after reading a lot of blog-posts about Xojo, and thus "using" it a lot, I really like it now.

What are the rules about using the name "Xojo", is it a registered trademark for example?

If I wanted to create a website with tips, tricks, articles and demos for Xojo, could I for example register a domain like "" for a danish language site?

Or would that not be acceptable use of the name?

I may be planning a site for beginners, I don't know, but if so, I would want to start the right way, and not break any rules, any "fair use" or offend anyone :)

Anyways, Xojo looks to be an awesome release, and I can't wait to get my hands on it. You're on the right track for sure, thank you for a great product that I just love more and more!

Dana said...

@ Thomas We have applied for a registered trademark. Email me at with more details about what you are planning. Thanks!