Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Coming Soon - New Pricing (Recap)

As we approach the June 4th Xojo ship date, we are receiving an increasing amount of questions about the new pricing.  It has been a while since we posted the information so here's a recap:

Starting with 2013 Release 1, the IDE itself will be free to use for developing, testing and debugging on any platform. When you need to create stand-alone builds of your apps, you buy a license. These are the available licenses and prices:

New Xojo Pricing
LicenseNew PurchaseRenewal
Desktop Deployment$300$150
Web Deployment$400$200
Console Deployment$100$50
DB Servers$300$150

Note: You can build for OS X, Windows and Linux for any license type. SQLite usage (RealSQLDatabase) does not require a DB Server license.

A new purchase or renewal gives you access to all updates for the next 12 months. As usual, you can continue to use versions that were released during your license period even after your license has expired.

Speaking of licenses, anyone who has or had a modern Real Studio license (2005 - present) will have their license automatically converted as follows:

Personal => Desktop
Professional => Desktop + Console + DB
Web => Web + DB
Enterprise => Desktop + Web + Console + DB (Xojo Pro)

If your license is current when 2013 R1 ships, you will be able to deploy with it immediately. If your license is expired, you can use the IDE for free, however you will not be able to deploy with it until you renew. Of course, you can continue to use any prior version of Real Studio as you always have. And as a prior license holder, you can choose to renew any of the converted licenses at the new renewal pricing.

After the license conversion, Personal users will be able to use ContainerControlsclass encryptionServerSocketSSLSocket (and its subclasses), Remote DebuggingAuto DiscoveryProfilingIDE Scripting and Build Automation. In addition, your new Desktop license will also allow you to deploy for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Professional users will be able to use Profiling, IDE Scripting and Build Automation.

New licenses can be used on up to two computers at one time, except with Xojo Pro (you can use three). 

You may renew at the current price before Xojo ships for up to two years.  Once Xojo ships the new pricing will go into effect.  If you have any specific questions about your license, please contact custserv@realsoftware.com.

EDIT: For clarity's sake, like your Real Studio Enterprise license key, your Xojo Pro is a single license.


Unknown said...

If now I purchase REALSTUDIO PROFESSIONAL, when will be shipped Xojo I will have "Desktop + Console + DB"?
And IOS support will be included?

Dana said...

@Angelo Lopez - Yes if you buy now your license will be converted to the new scheme on June 4th when Xojo ships. iOS will be a separate deployment target that you can add on when it ships in December.

claudiusw said...

What I find overpriced is the 150$ renewal for the DB Server license. So together with the console it is 350 $. Before that I payed 150$ for a 12-Months-Pro license. For a small developer like me it is getting more and more expensive. If I add the iOS deployment in the future for another 150 $: Oh boy 500$ a year!

For iOS development I would definitely start learning Objective-C & Xcode.

Chris Timm said...

I have Professional Now.. What will the cost be to upgarde to the new professional, and will it include Web.

Unknown said...

@Chris Timm Your existing Professional license will be converted to a Desktop license, a Console license, and a DB Servers license on June 4th. Only those with existing Enterprise or Web licenses will automatically receive the Web license when the new system goes into effect.

When you are ready to renew your licenses after June 4th, you can do so at the renewal prices listed in this post.

Unknown said...

I currently have an Enterprise license and would like to downgrade to Professional since I don't use Real Studio's web technology. Am I to wait for my license to expire and make a 'New Purchase' or will I be able to renew a lower 'Professional' version?

Unknown said...

@Eugene Dakin, we don't offer a downgrade path for licenses; however, please feel free to email me at custserv@realsoftware.com and I will be happy to look into your issue specifically.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a fair price list. It makes me comfortable and looking forward to continue supporting Xojo.


digitaljoed said...

I realize the iOS release is not until the end of the year but what are the plans for iOS as far a pricing? Will you get iOS with Xojo Pro or will there be a new Pro pricing at a higher level to include iOS builds?

Unknown said...

@digitaljoed We have not yet announced iOS pricing, but an iOS license will not automatically be included in any existing package upon its release.

rlitchfield said...

Thank you for this post to help clarify some things. Unfortunately I still have a question...

I currently have the Enterprise license, going forward I don't need the DB or Console features. Does this mean I will be paying $350 for my renewal as I would let the other two expire?

Thank you,

Unknown said...
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rlitchfield said...

Thank you for the information...I'm satisfied with the pricing and options. :)


Tobias Bußmann said...

Can you please outline the other restrictions of the unlicensed Xojo version beside not being able to build or use Xojo's DB Server API?
Furthermore - how will the Feedback Points being handled in future? Current Enterprise customers does have 150 Points to assign (10x) future Pro will have 3x, what about the others - how will the current ones being converted? What will be necessary to be able to access / report in Feedback?
TIA for your kind answer.

Unknown said...

@Tobias Bußmann - Without a build license, users will be limited to saving in binary. A build license will be required to use XML or VCP formats.

Regarding Feedback, reports will receive 1 point for each license a user owns when they submit a Feedback report. If the user has a Xojo Pro license, the case they submit will receive 3 times the weight, for a total of 12 points.

Tobias Bußmann said...

@Katherine thanks for the clarifications. So without build license it would be possible to open VCP edit and save as binary. That's fine to me.
What are the plans for your current "Premier Priority Support Plan" product - will this become what's included in Pro as "Priority Support" or will this continue to be sold separately?

Unknown said...

@Tobias Bußmann - Priority support will be included with Xojo Pro. If you have any other questions about upgraded support please feel free to contact Customer Service at custserv@realsoftware.com

Unknown said...

I currently have a Personal license which costs $49 to renew. Are you saying that you are more than tripling the price of this to $150? That can't be - surely I am missing something here?

Unknown said...

@Rod Suskin - While for some existing users the new system will result in lower renewal costs, it is true that some users will see an increase in renewal costs. However, Personal Edition users such as yourself will also receive access to many additional features, as mentioned in the above post.

Also, existing users are able to renew at the current pricing until Xojo ships on June 4th. If you are interested in renewing now, please feel free to contact us at custserv@realsoftware.com and we will be happy to assist you.

SNUSA said...

I was interested in switching from Alpha to Real Studio. The forum would not allow me to create an account. When/Will this be addressed. (Particularly since the new licensing includes a "free to learn" option?

Unknown said...

@SNUSA We are currently working to resolve this issue; please feel free to email me at custserv@realsoftware.com for assistance.

Unknown said...

hi Dana and Katherine,

will there be an IOS option in the pricing?

How does the IOS version allow you to create apple ready apps? Does it create Xcode ready projects or create a raw apple project?


Geoff Perlman said...

@ Damon - iOS will be a separate license. Xojo will compile a binary but XCode will be required for two reasons:

1) It provides the utility that Xojo will use to digitally sign the application.

2) It provides the iOS Simulator.

You will never have to interact with XCode directly nor will Xojo be using XCode's compiler. So you will have to have XCode installed but that's really about it.

Unknown said...

Hi Geoff,
as always many thanks


Unknown said...

Hi Geoff,
just thinking out loud, will CTRL-R launch the iOS simulator (similar to WEB will launch the browser)? If it does then what would it launch on a PC or would iOS in Xojo be a Mac version only?

Since I have a MAC laptop (wife's old one) but always code on the PC's it looks like debugging/testing might be a bit of a nightmare, for me at least.

I know iOS is miles away "end of summer" aka "end of Winter" in Australia aka mid September Beta but so much excitement and so little time.