Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Get it all with Xojo Pro

The new pricing will officially launch when Xojo ships on June 4th. Additionally, today at the conference we announced Xojo Pro, which will be available on June 4th. With Xojo Pro, you will enjoy the following great features:
  • Single license for Desktop, Web, Database and Console 
  • Priority Support 
  • Guaranteed access to future betas 
  • Access to a special Xojo Pro-only forum 
  • 3x Feedback multiplier when ranking cases 
  • License will work on 3 machines, instead of 2 
This is a must for the professional Xojo developer! For new licenses the cost is $995. All current Enterprise licenses will automatically receive Xojo Pro on June 4th.


Produino (swort) said...

does this include a future iOS license?

Dana said...

This does not include iOS, as iOS has not yet shipped. We will probably do some sort of combo that includes iOS, but we don't have anything to announce at this time.

Brandon said...

If you already have a pro licence, how do upgrades to pro work?

Beatrix Willius said...

I had a enterprise license but let it lapse while waiting for the new IDE. The priority support wasn't worth much. Same with the Feedback multiplier. The Pro only forum sounds pretty funny.

I think you need a bit more interesting.

Unknown said...

Xojo Pro sounds very interesting and I am sure is worth the wait very much.

iOS support on the 4th would have been very nice, but this is not a showstopper.

The name change is a very good decision. I agree that RealBasic - RealStudio was never an outdated BASIC version. RealStudio is much more object oriented than many other development tools.

I come back at the 18th May from Botswana and will renew my enterprise license then for sure.

Thank you RealSoftware people for sharing information from your "happening of the year" with those who could not be present.

Nice work, well done!!!

Friendly greetings,


Jason said...

So does this mean that one can either purchase individual licenses (e.g. desktop, web, etc.) or purchase a pro license?

Also, what's the price of extending a Xojo Pro license?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

A 12-month renewal for a Xojo Pro license will be $495.

Xojo Pro is a separate license that will be offered in addition to our other license options. You can certainly purchase any combination of Xojo Pro, Desktop, Console, DB Servers, and Web licenses.

Upgrade pricing details will be announced as we move closer to June 4th!

RealBasic Tips & Tricks said...

the web version will be compatible with traditional server or its configuration and remained as before, complicated and difficult to use on hosting type aruba, register, and the like!

Jason said...


Oh, interesting. So it really has nothing to do with the product itself, but is rather a small package of benefits for those willing to pay for it? If I'm understanding correctly, it doesn't include any build licenses?

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Sorry for the confusion, Jason. Xojo Pro is a single license that includes the Desktop, Web, Database and Console licenses, plus the additional features listed in the post.

We mention the ability to purchase Xojo Pro plus one or more additional licenses, as we do have users who purchase for multiple users and who will require multiple build licenses.

Steveorevo said...

Just wondering, hHow does one pronounce "Xojo"?

Unknown said...

@Steveorevo The "x" in Xojo is pronounced like the "x" in Xerox and Xojo rhymes with mojo!

tigme said...

I have a Pro License and a Web License would this mean that I will also be on the Xojo Pro License?Theoretically I'm on an Enterprise scheme with the two packages I'm using for myself.

zzyzy said...

My current RS Enterprise allows for "any number" of installs on company machines.

Now that is whittled down to "3 instead of 2". How does that work?

Unknown said...

@zzyzy As an Enterprise user, you will receive a Xojo Pro license. Xojo Pro users will be able to install Xojo on up to 3 machines. If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me at