Thursday, April 25, 2013

Highlights from the Keynote

Greetings from the Real Studio Developer Conference!  As you have probably heard by now, during the keynote Geoff announced that with 2013r1 Real Studio will be called Xojo and Real Software will be called Xojo, Inc.

Everyone here at the conference is really excited about this change, as are we!  Besides the name change, we made some other announcements and updates at the keynote.  Here are the highlights!

2013r1 will be in your hands on June 4th!  First, Cocoa will no longer be beta (woo hoo)! This is a big release for us.  It includes a dramatic new UI for the IDE, new licensing model, new pricing, and our new cloud-based app hosting service.

New License Model
The Xojo IDE is free!  You can create, develop and debug your projects in the new IDE at absolutely no cost.  Plus, all of the features are included in the free IDE, so if you have a Personal or Professional Real Studio license, you will be able to access more features than ever before!  Every Xojo IDE user will be able to take advantage of the following IDE features: encrypting project items, server sockets, SSL support, database encryption, remote debugging, container controls, auto discovery, code profiling, IDE scripting, build automation.  And, you can use the IDE to develop on all platforms!

Announcing Xojo Pro
  • Desktop, Web, Console and Database Server Licenses  (Save $100)
  • Priority Support
  • Access to Betas
  •  “Xojo Pro Only” Forum
  • 3x Feedback Multiplier
  • License key works on 3 computers
Installing Xojo licenses couldn't be easier. After purchasing your licenses, just launch the IDE and sign in.  Any license keys that are not installed will automatically be downloaded and installed.

You can see which of your keys are installed by opening the About Xojo box and clicking on Licenses no more long, cryptic keys or license key emails getting caught in SPAM filters.  And if your computer isn't connected to the Internet, you can download your keys from, move them to your computer via a flash drive, and install them by just dragging them into this window.

The new system also allows you to distribute license keys to your team members and revoke those license keys as well.

We've created an Upgrade Guide which will tell you everything you need to know about the new IDE.  Also, we have made a dramatically updated User's Guide and split it into 4 separate books.  The Fundamentals book starts with the Xojo IDE and then moves onto the Xojo Programming Language, Modules and Classes.  It closes with the chapter on Application Structure.

The User Interface book covers the Controls and Classes used to create Desktop and Web apps.

The Framework book builds on what you learned in the User Interface and Fundamentals books, covering the major framework areas in Xojo, including Files, Text, Graphics and Multimedia, Databases, Printing and Reports, Communication and Networking, Concurrency and Debugging.

We’ve had a lot of requests for documentation in PDF format. All of the documentation except the Language Reference, will be available in PDF format. And it’s formatted for tablets so if you have one, it will be a great experience on that.  we are providing an iBooks-native version for iPad as well. Using the new documentation on the iPad is a really great experience!

We also have a new book, Introduction to Programming with Xojo, which will be available when Xojo ships. The primary purpose of this book is to introduce people to programming.  This book was written to teach programming. Students will learn about variables, loops, arrays, object-oriented programming and more. The goal of the book is to teach programming, not Xojo. In fact, throughout the book it points out programming concepts that are common to many programming languages. It will be great for anyone who wants to learn programming or teach programming. And best of all, the book is free and will be provided in PDF and iBooks formats.

Hosting can be a very painful process but we have eliminated this stress with a simple, yet powerful solution Xojo Cloud.

Xojo Cloud requires ZERO configuration, one click app installation, industrial strength security, and includes automatic backups and predictable pricing.  UPDATE: This will be available late 2013, pricing starts at $49/month.

We plan to be in beta by late summer.  iOS will be shipping in December 2013.

64 Bit
The extra 8 months we needed for Cocoa and supporting iOS has delayed 64 bit.
While we are more than 70% of the way through building the framework for all platforms for 64 bit, we still need to update the compiler itself for 64 bit. That work will start after iOS ships.

Thus 64 bit support is delayed until summer of next year.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for estimate on availablility of 64bit support, when will iOS be available as a target?

Unknown said...

@Jordan iOS support is planned for release this December! More details to follow!

Unknown said...

It all sounds *very* promising, can't wait to get my hands on your new IDE. The move from RealSoftware to Xojo is smart, something I would have advised you if I were in the league. RealStudio had too much scent of Basic and thus amateurism (though completely untrue). With Xojo, I believe that heritage is left behind and I hope that the iOS support will be a real alternative to xCode. Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Cloud, cool, but what about databases running with our webapps ?

John said...

Where can we get the downloads of the guides?

Dana said...

These will be available on June 4th when Xojo ships.