Friday, April 26, 2013

New IDE Preview

Many have been requesting a sneak peek of the new IDE.  We have been working on this new IDE for many months and are happy to finally be putting it in your hands in just a few weeks.  So, without further ado, here is Xojo...





Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Clean and very professional. Good job.

Anonymous said...

It's "without further ado" :)

Unknown said...

@Gavin thanks! We are soon bidding our old IDE adieu; we hope to avoid any ado!

Anonymous said...

Lol very good :)

Gerrut said...

Will there also be a new texteditor control more in the lines of Wysiwyg html-controls such as tinymce?

Anthony said...

With the new control palette, how are users supposed to determine which control is what when using custom UI classes? I don't see any labels there, so it could easily be confusing. I understand that you can click each for a name and description, I just don't think that goes far enough.

Thom McGrath said...

Well, the Library is very customizable. You can add labels, reduce icon size, change sorting, and disable grouping. You can make Library nearly identical to the current control list, if you like.

But for the reasons you've pointed out, the Library shows only built-in items. Our beta testers have been requesting that to change, but there are a lot of problems with that which we don't have a solution to yet.

Jay said...

To followup on Thom's comment, the navigator (on the left) is always visible, so you can drag any custom controls including containers from there to your layout.

Anthony said...

Ah, I didn't know that they were going to allow direct dragging from the navigator to the designer. Excellent. Of course, as a third-party developer, I'd like the ability for my classes to show up in the toolbox palette with a custom icon and label (when labels are shown).

Lars Jensen said...

What are the 2 icons on the bottom, next to the Search icon?

Thom McGrath said...

Issues and Messages.

Issues pops up with your compile errors. It'll be familiar.

Messages shows messages output by your running app, hooked into System.Log and System.DebugLog.

GUIGuy said...

Nice job, seems slick and polished.

3 questions (from a WPF guy)
Will subscribing to events only be via a dialog? Seems VERY cumbersome... I'd imagine it'd be nicer to subscibe in the source code directly rather than via dialogs (esp for classes that are non visual) Seems more natural.

Any info on when a Windows version will be released?

Can the font be customised? Typeface, colours for tokens, size etc?

Geoff Perlman said...

@ GUIGuy - Yes, though that might change in future. And you can select multiple events in that dialog. I think you will find it's better to have only the events you are actually using.

Not sure what you mean by "subscribe to source code directly". Could you explain?

The Windows and Linux versions will be available on June 4th when we ship Xojo 2013r1.

GUIGuy said...

@Geoff Thanks Geoff

Sorry for lack of clarity. I'm coming from a WPF (Mixed C# VB.Net) background.

In C# I'd use something like:
object.Event+= HandlerDelegate
object.Event+= (s,e)=> HandlerDelegate

or in something like:
AddHandler object.Event, AddressOf HandlerDelegate

I know that you have a similar AddHandler/RemoveHandler statements in RealBasic.

So I was wondering what is the relationship between the these statements and the functionality provided by the Add Event Handler dialog. Can you still Add/Remove event handlers in code without the need for a dialog?

Geoff Perlman said...

@ GUIGuy - Yes, that's exactly what AddHandler is for. You can delegate responsibility for a particular event to a method at runtime.

Israel Marrero said...

Just a little question

¿Will XOJO support 64 bit for linux without need to install ia32-libs?

Please say YES!!!!

Paul Lefebvre said...

@Israel Marrero Sorry, Xojo does not create 64-bit Linux apps. For more about 64-bit plans, refer to the "Highlights from the Keynote" post on April 26th.