Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Connecting to Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server

Some of the most common questions I get from new users relate to using databases with Real Studio. We've got lots of tips and tricks on how to connect in our Documentation and videos too.  In addition to having it's own RealSQLDatabase for single user applications, Real Studio supports database server connectivity for Oracle, ODBC, Postgre, MySQL, Microsoft SQL (Windows only).

One thing to watch our for when connecting to Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server is to make sure that you are using 32 Bit versions of Oracle Instant Client or Native Client Installer for MSSQL instead of the 64 Bit versions. Real Studio currently build 32 Bit applications and cannot use the 64 Bit libraries.

Once Real Studio builds 64 Bit apps you will be able to use the 64 Bit libraries. You can read more about the schedule for 64 Bit in this post.

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Thomas Tempelmann said...

I recently had to connect both to an Oracle and a SAP DB server over a JDBC connction. There are no plugins provided by Real Software for that. I solved this by using the MBS Java plugin, loading the appropriate jar file (provided by Oracle and SAP) and connecting to its driver via the MBS functions.