Friday, June 14, 2013

We've Moved

The new Xojo blog is live! Join us now at to learn the latest and greatest about Xojo, cross-platform development, and technology.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Save the Date for XDC 2014!

Save the date for the 2014 Xojo Developer's Conference, to be held March 26-28 at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas!  More information coming soon.

Real Studio is now Xojo!

We have some big announcements! 2013 Release 1 is now available for download and is definitely our biggest release ever! Our IDE has had a major makeover, giving it a very sleek and modern look and making it faster and much more intuitive than ever before! Also, Cocoa is now officially shipping, we have a new forum, and our new pricing is now available!

To compliment all of these new and exciting changes, Real Studio is now Xojo!

The New IDE.  

Besides the all-new look and feel, the new IDE launches up to 33% faster!

Features of the new IDE include:
  • All-new Window Editor
  • All-new Navigator for quick project access
  • All-new Inspector for updating properties and settings
  • All-new Library for easy access to Controls and Objects
  • All-new Project Filter
  • All-new Search
  • All-new Message Pane for viewing run-time log messages
  • All-new Build Settings
  • Improved Web Page Editor
  • Improved Code Editor
  • Improved Database Editor
  • Improved Debugger Layout
  • Improved Tab Usage
  • Improved Event Handler Editing with inline event descriptions
  • Improved Profiler
  • Improved Build Script Editor
Our beta testers have reported the new IDE to be faster, more intuitive, and easier to use.

Last, but certainly not least, Cocoa is now the default OS X build setting for Xojo. In fact, Xojo itself is built with 2013 Release 1!

The IDE is free.

Xojo comes with all new pricing! To start with, the IDE is free to use for developing, testing and debugging on any platform - so tell your friends it's time to learn to code! When you need to create stand-alone builds of your apps, you buy a license. 

You can add on a new target platform at any time. When you are up for renewal, only renew the platforms you want to continue using! It's that simple.

While you can always use previous versions of Xojo, to deploy with the current version, your license must also be current. If you have questions about the new pricing or your specific license, please contact Xojo Customer Service.

Xojo Pro.Xojo Pro is now available! Xojo Pro provides everything serious developers need in a single package:
  • Single license for Desktop, Web, Database and Console
  • Priority Support
  • Guaranteed access to future betas
  • Access to a special Xojo Pro-only forum
  • 3x Feedback multiplier when ranking cases
  • License will work on 3 machines, instead of 2
Real Studio Enterprise Edition users are now Xojo Pro users, and you can upgrade at any time to get the great benefits included with Xojo Pro!


Along with Xojo 2013 Release 1 we will be including a free upgrade guide to help you learn the differences between Real Studio and Xojo. And, we are now introducing an all new user guide with 4 books -- available in PDF and iBooks formats. Each book focuses on a different element of Xojo to provide you with the most information possible to help you be a success. The 4 books are: Fundamentals, User Interface, Framework, and Development.

We have also put together an all-new Quick Start Guide for Desktop and Web applications and all-new tutorials for Desktop and Web applications, along with improved example projects. Get the new documentation!

At our new website,, you can login using the same username and password you previously used at Your account and all the information about your license keys, past orders, etc., is all still available there.

A few important links: Xojo DownloadsXojo Documentation, and Xojo FAQ.

New Support Forum!

We have an all-new support forum at The new forum has a more modern look and feel, is easier to read and has more advanced searching features. There’s no need to create an account to log in. Instead you just use the same username and password that you use on our website. You will need to enable forum access in your account settings here before you login:


Need to contact us? Any email address has been updated to so update your address book!

Get Connected!

We are so excited about everything we've been working on and we hope you are too! Our new blog will be ready very soon, but in the mean time you can join in on the fun by following us on Twitter or joining our Facebook Group! We want to stay connected with you so we can keep you updated on all of the great stuff we are working on and we want to hear about your projects too!

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